How to Make an Easter Egg Drying Rack

Festivities bring a lot of fun and joy for people of all ages. However, you need to make special preparations for particular festivals. For instance, Easter is not completed without the colour Easter Eggs. You might be a grown up now but you still have to make Easter Eggs for your kids. Dyeing eggs for this festival isn’t a big deal and everyone can perform it with the utmost ease. However, once you are finished with dyeing eggs, you find a need of having a drying rack for them. A drying rack will certainly reduce the mess you create during the entire process and make you keep the eggs safe as well. Any smudges and dye drips can also be avoided by using a drying rack for your Easter Eggs. Making this rack won’t require you a lot of time or money but you can use some simple supplies to perform this task in a limited amount of time.

Things Required:

– A sheet of foam core
– Ruler
– Marker
– Paper towels
– Pins
– Scissors or any other appropriate cutting tool


  • 1

    You will need a sheet of half-inch thick foam core for making the drying rack. Cut down a square shape, measuring 12x12 inches, out of the foam core. The size of this square totally depends upon how larger you want to make the drying rack.

  • 2

    Now take a marker and a ruler, and start making a grid on the square piece of foam core. Draw 10 lines vertically on the square, keeping a distance of one inch between them, and then draw the same number of lines horizontally. You will now have a grid with 1x1 inch squares all over it.

  • 3

    Take a head pin and drive it through the line intersection on the grid until it touches the bottom side of the foam core. This process is to be repeated on every line intersection on the foam core. Now each square on the foam piece will be surrounded by four pins and it can easily hold on an egg.

  • 4

    Lay down a paper towel at the area where you have to place your drying rack. Also cover up the entire foam core surface with paper towel, so it can absorb any excess of dye dripping from the eggs.

  • 5

    Now dye your Easter Eggs and then place them on the drying rack, where each egg will be supported by four head pins and won’t be allowed to roll over. Leave the eggs on the rack until they completely dry up.

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