How to Observe Good Friday

Good Friday is one of the holiest days in Christianity and if you are the follower of this religion, you should know that this day has to be observed keeping mind the dos and don’ts.

Most people don’t know what Good Friday is and they just celebrate it like any other Christian ritual. Good Friday is observed to mourn the death of Christ. The day should not be celebrated — it should be observed. Good Friday is considered the most somber day in Christianity and practicing Christians take it more seriously than any other ritual.


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    Visit a nearby church

    Start your day by visiting a local church. On Good Friday, churches arrange special services for the participants, trying to reenact how Christ lived his life. Catholic churches typically hold Passion of Christ - a reenactment to remind Christians of Christ’s death and problems he had to go through.

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    Practicing Christians observe Good Friday by fasting, as it is one of the most important rituals in Christianity. Fasting is all about avoiding food and offering prayers. If you are wondering how to observe fasting on this particular day, talk to your religious leader at a local church.

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    You can spend Good Friday in repentance. Repentance is not a ritual, rather it is about turning towards God and keep worldly affairs off your mind for a few hours. Even if you are not a regular church goer, you can repent the death of Christ and observe the day according to true Christian values. Some people spend their Good Friday in a solemn mood. They act like they are at a funeral.

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    Holy Communion

    Attend Holy Communion on Good Friday. Holy Communion is not for every Christian sect as only baptized Catholics can receive it.

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    Stations of the Cross

    If you are a Catholic Christian, you can participate at the Stations of the Cross. Stations of the Cross feature banners and paintings depicting the scenes of Christ’s life, efforts and death.

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    Sing hymns

    You can get up early in the morning and attend the stations of the Cross at a nearby church (for Catholic Christians only). If you are good at singing, you can be a good addition to the hymn-singing team.

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    Cover things in black

    Cover all status, pictures and crosses in black. Put off all candles to express mourning for Christ.

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