Hottest Bracelets to Wear This Summer

Accessories can make or break an outfit, so every time summer rolls around, it is essential to update your jewellery box, along with your wardrobe and your shoe closet. In addition to enhancing an already pretty outfit, bracelets are a great accessory when it comes to bringing an old dress or an ordinary everyday outfit back to life.


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    Colour blocking bracelets are big in summer, when it’s all about bright and crazy summer colours. Bracelets in every colour from hot pink to bright yellow mango shades are all the rage, and can be mixed and matched to create an eye-catching accessory. Any material will do, be it wire, or plastic, or even satin – just as long as the colour stands out. These can be paired with a colourful outfit in matching or contrasting shades (e.g. wear chunky, bright turquoise bracelets with a hot pink dress, or bold purple bracelets with a muted mauve dress), or simply used to add colour to an all-black or all-white outfit.

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    If you are going for a more boho chic look, go for feather bracelets this summer. Giving off a light, airy, and almost ethereal vibe, feather bracelets give the wearer a cool, breezy look, and can make anyone look seemingly unaffected by the heat of the summer. These bracelets use either cloth or leather as a base, and are adorned with feathers on top. The possibilities are endless – you could go for feathers in any colour you prefer, or even feathers designed to look like the plumage of actual birds – e.g. peacock feather bracelets.

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    You can never go wrong with bling, and after the winter is over, it’s time to shed all gloom and invest in a bright, sparkly bracelet. Go for gold or silver, as per your skin tone. Sparkly bracelets look great on pretty much any skin colour – silver is perfect for accentuating paler skin, while gold bracelets really make tanned skin stand out. Go for cuff bracelets for a more solid look, or mix and match to create a stack of thinner, blingy bracelets. Tiny diamonds, silver, and even rhinestones will all work great.

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    Wooden bracelets are great for creating a hippy, indie look, and make for an earthier look, as opposed to colour blocking bracelets. These go very well with outfits in muted, nude shades. Wooden bracelets are made to be worn in stacks, for a chunkier effect, and look great on pretty much every wrist. Look for lighter or darker shades of wood, as per your preferences – the wood can either be polished and lacquered, or duller and more muted.

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