How to Make a Pizza Delivery Costume

If you interested in playing a prank with your friends, becoming a fake pizza boy is probably the funniest thing you could do. No one likes to cook, when all the buddies are together. In that case, they usually order a pizza. And even if your friends have not ordered a pizza, you can reach them in pizza costume, and surprise them.

You can also prepare a pizza delivery costume for Halloween. It will surely be a different thing. On the other hand, if you are interested in starting a small pizza business and cannot afford to hire specialist designers, making a pizza delivery costume by yourself is the best thing to do. It is not a herculean task.

Stuff required:

– Plain cap,

– T-shirt,

– Pair of tracksuit bottoms

– Zip sweater(optional)


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    After getting the required stuff, you need to work on the beautification to make it more realistic. If you are playing a prank, you can easily get the logo of famous pizza companies. Draw or print out a logo on sticker paper. First of all, you should take the cap, and paste the sticker on it. Stick it on above the beak.

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    It is now the time to do the same with the zip sweater. Stick the logo somewhere on the top right side of the sweater. Make sure that it looks real. A variety of logos are available in the market, which you can easily stick by using iron.

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    Stick the logo on the tracksuit bottoms as well. You also need to paste the sticker on your plain t-short. You should stick it somewhere in the middle. Pasting more than one logo will surely make your costume more appealing and attractive.

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    The job is not completed yet. In order to complete the costume, you should get a pizza box. One can easily get the box from the local pizza shop. If you want to make costume of one particular company, you should get the box from the outlet.

    If the company refuses to give an empty box, buy a pizza to put it in the oven, and use the box. You may find pizza boxes in the supermarket as well. But the easiest way is to buy a pizza, and use the box.

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    The shoes are also very important. Your prank might be caught, if you are using any formal shoes. Get a pair of cute sneakers to go with the suit. This completes your costume.

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