How to Puppy Proof Your Home

Puppies are similar to babies as they both are curious, lively and just love to check things and items. However, their curiosity might lead them into dangerous situations. They might harm themselves and create mess in your house. Thus it is recommended to puppy proof your house before bringing in a new puppy.

Puppy proofing can not only keep the puppy from harm’s way, it also protects your things from getting damaged. With some simple guidelines, you can easily puppy proof your house.

Things Required:

– Duct tape
– Ceramic planter
– Anti-chew spray
– Baby gates


  • 1

    Wrap up electrical cords or unplug them

    Unplug and wrap up electrical cords which are exposed. This is because puppies love to chew things and if they chew exposed wires, they might injure themselves or get electrocuted.

    You can also move the electric appliances so the cord is behind the furniture and not accessible to the puppy. In areas where there are several wires, like computer or television, you can either block access to puppy or wrap a duct tape around these cords. You can even place excess wires inside a ceramic planter.

  • 2

    Keep your shoes out of reach for puppies

    You need to place shoes in an area which is not accessible by puppies. Puppies can literally destroy the shoes, by chewing on them.

  • 3

    Apply anti-chew spray on your furniture

    You need to apply anti-chew spray on the furniture legs and other immovable items in order to keep the puppies away.

  • 4

    Install baby gates or close doors

    You need to install baby gates or close doors in order to prevent puppies from going into rooms, where you do not want them to. You should not let puppies go into your kids’ room or it will swallow everything such as crayons, toys etc.

  • 5

    Remove any dangerous plants from your garden or house

    You should remove any dangerous plants present in your house or backyard. You can get the names of dangerous plants from your vet. Also check for any holes in the fence to avoid your puppy passing through it.

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