How to Find Information on Someone who Died

Death is a mysterious reality, the taste of which every living being will get some time or the other. It does not wait for anyone or anything.

When a person passes away, there are a lot of things which have to be catered for by his/her relatives; in short all the loose ends left by the deceased have to be closed. For an outsider that may seem insignificant, but when by any chance, he or she has to gain access to information about the deceased, it is these little things done by the close ones which help him/her out. If not for that, collecting personal information about their life, birth, wealth etc is nearly an impossible task.

Learning how to find information on someone who died can be done through various ways, if you know the proper methods, that is. While most of these methods are family dependant, there are some other ways as well, all of which have been detailed in this article.


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    Family Members

    The best source of information on someone who dies is with their family members because they are in a position to provide you the information which no other source possibly could. However, it is important to remember that their privacy must be respected if they demand it, especially if the deceased person was a public figure. Unless and until you are granted permission to meet with his or her family members, finding information on someone who died should be done from other sources.

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    The local newspaper of the place where the deceased had lived will most likely have some information on that person and can help in your search. Obituaries are often written only for people, who are significant, but if by chance, the family of the deceased had sponsored an obituary in the local newspaper, you can get information like dead person’s date of birth and death, family members and links with any sort of professional associations.

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    Genealogy Website

    There are a number of websites that keep an extensive record on people who have passed on and will most probably have more than the required amount of information, especially if the deceased was a public figure. It is a good idea to try more than a single source in your search, especially those websites which are well known in the field of providing information on those who have passed from this world to the next.

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    The local government of where the person who has now passed lived is also a great way to get information that is needed. Town halls have a lot of information on the deceased like the family tree and what the person was renowned for during his/her life on this earth. Most city or town halls also have such information published on the internet, if not, it can be gathered through by a phone call or by actually going there.

    They may however require identification from your side if the information has been requested to be kept private.

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