How to Stay Safe near Fireworks

Fireworks are great to watch and are festive way for celebrations of many events ranging from weddings to National Day. People celebrate with fireworks on Fourth of July and even on New Year’s Eve. However, proper precautions should be taken while handling fireworks or even watching them. This is to make sure that you or people nearby are safe from the fireworks. Studies have shown that fireworks have killed people accidently and left several injured. You should take caution while handling or standing near fireworks in order to keep yourself and others safe.


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    You need to keep distance from the place where fireworks are lit. Remember to look after the children and to keep them away from fireworks. This is to make sure you are safe in case of any mishaps. You should keep your body and face clear before lighting the fireworks.

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    Instructions and restrictions on the package

    You need to properly follow the instructions written on the fireworks in order to light them. Also look at the age restrictions and when buying for your kids, check out the age limit.

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    You need to place a bucket of water nearby. This is to extinguish fire or a firework in case of an accident. This will also keep the place safe where fireworks are being celebrated.

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    Do not inspect a dud

    In case the fireworks fail to light up then do not take risk of checking it out. Simply soak the dud in water and then throw it away in the garbage can.

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    Aim away from people or objects

    Remember to aim the direction of firework away from the people as you might hurt them. In addition to this do not aim at cars, buildings or any objects nearby as they will get damaged. Light fireworks in an open area to explode.

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    Light one at a time

    Avoid fusing two or more fireworks in order to get a larger explosion. You should light one at a time.

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    Explode fireworks outside

    You should light fireworks outside in an open area. Remember that even harmless fireworks creates spark and could lead in burning your furniture or other stuff.

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