How to Use a Nursing Cover

When breastfeeding your baby at home, you do not have to be conscious about anything. However, outside your home, you just cannot sit and nurse your baby in the open. Some just wear their ordinary t-shirts as they nurse the baby and use their hand to cover their exposed skin and the baby’s mouth, but it takes a lot of getting used to.

There are mothers who need something to cover their breast while they nurse because they can’t perfect the “t-shirt technique”, like a baby’s blanket. What they do is wrap the edge of the blanket around their neck so the blanket does not fall off during windy days or when the baby gets squirmy. Here are the steps on how to properly use a nursing cover.

Things Required:

– Nursing Cover


  • 1

    First, you need to purchase a nursing cover. There are different types of nursing covers available in the market, such as apron, mama scarf, braap and breastfeeding poncho. You can choose the one that you like.

  • 2

    Once you have the nursing cover that you like, you can attach the neck straps by inserting the long strap through the D-Ring or any other ring available, depending on the type of cover you have. You can then go back through one ring.

  • 3

    Place the nursing cover over your head, as you would do with a t-shirt. The straps should feel comfortable for you. If not, loosen or tighten the straps by adjusting the length in the rings.

  • 4

    You will now notice that the fabric is covering the baby completely. Arrange the neckline so that you can see the baby through the centre of the rigid part of the neckline.

  • 5

    Once all is set, you can bring your baby’s mouth near your breast and keep watching your baby in order to ensure a good latch.

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