How to Help Save the Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay is situated in the United States. It has been a great source of income for the United States since years and years. It supported the tourism industry and fishing industry. Numerous fishes were once found in this Bay and apart from that it was a huge tourist attraction spot for years.

But now the circumstances are changed. The water of this Bay is highly polluted and is known to have diseases related to the sea living creatures which were never found. Some diseases found in this Bay are not only dangerous for the fishes but for the humans as well. High level of construction near the bay and also being a popular residential spot is also a reason for the high levels of pollution in this particular area.


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    A little effort from every individual can help this Bay revive again and get free from all the deadly diseases. The habitation of this Bay can be restored through various methods. Over the years work has been done in removing pollution from this area and there has been success. What can further bring more success is by firstly, at an individual level you can start off by the basics that you have always been taught of, stop littering. Your litter becomes the food of the fishes that live there.

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    It is not only your responsibility to stop littering the Bay but also to clean up. You can simply ask a few friends or family members to form groups and then on a regular basis. A onetime trip will do no good. This has to be done on a regular basis. If everybody starts to put in this effort a lot of garbage and waste could be collected.

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    A heavy contribution towards the deterioration of the Bay is because of the products that you use to clean your houses. Try using products which are more environment friendly and which have been tested. Moreover, you have to make sure they don’t have excessive or high amount of chemicals. Recycling concept which has been taught to us since childhood is also very important.

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    An Increasing reason for high level of pollution is the use of petroleum cars. What you can do on an individual level is to minimize the use of your car. There is no harm in walking a few miles as well as you can use your bicycle. This effort from your side is not only beneficial for the health of the Bay but for the environment in which we all breathe as a whole.

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