How to Keep Firewood Dry

Electricity and gas have replaced the use of firewood to a great extent. However, it still continues to be the main source of fire in many parts of the world. Many others who have access to gas still love to burn firewood in their fireplaces because of the warmth and homey feeling it creates. Most households buy their firewood in bulk and store it to be used over time. For better and quick burning, it is important that the wood is kept dry from all kinds of humidity. Moisture reduces the heat and combustion produced by burning wood. If the wood is stored inside the house, this is no problem. However, if there is no room for it inside, then you will have to make extra effort to keep it dry, especially when the weather is wet.


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    Keep it above the ground:

    Wood absorbs humidity from the ground. It is therefore important that you keep it above the ground. Before your firewood is delivered, make a stage for it to be kept on.  Get wood pallets from nearby lumber stores and stack your firewood on them. Even if you do not have pallets, think out a way that will give the wood a rise. If there is no option available, lay the wood on gravel or stone. It is better than the bare soil. Stack the wood according to size. This way you can use them accordingly without disturbing the entire stack.

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    Cover from above:

    Cover with anything that will protect them from the rain, dew and any kind of moisture. Of course building a permanent shed is the best thing to do. But in cases where that is not possible, you can make do with other options around you. Cover the wood stack with a water proof tarp. Hold them down against the wind by applying weights on all sides. Using two pieces of tarps so that they overlap is going to make sure that no moisture gets in between the gaps. Keeping the centre row of wood higher than others makes an angle that helps draining water off.

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    Build a shed:

    A shed does not need to be a classy affair. It can be done with wood pillars covered with lead sheets for the cover. Building a shed is a permanent investment that is going to pay you each time you get dry wood for your fire.

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