How to Live Green in an Apartment

A large segment of the population in most of the countries of the world lives in apartments. Apartments are ideal for smaller families and people living alone. These cost less and generally have a decent amount of space to cater to the needs of their residents. However, there are some rules that one must follow in such a living space and not all the options of one’s liking can be exercised.

In this day and age, there is a great amount of stress on improving the environment and going green; while there are certain things you cannot do while living in an apartment, you certainly can go green. This can easily be done without breaking any rules, and is a great way to contribute towards helping the environment.


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    Get appliances that do not use up a lot of electricity. You can change the light bulbs for example and replace them with more energy efficient options. Use better quality televisions that take small amounts of electricity to work. Encourage everyone in your apartment building to do the same.

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    There is a need to change the lifestyle as that can help you in going green no matter where you are. Do not waste food and try to make only the amount that you will consume at that point in time. Use lights only in the area that you are in, and do not light up the entire apartment. Use water filters for clean water and use glass bottles instead of plastic ones.

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    Recycling is very important. You can recycle glass, paper and many more materials. Do not throw away products that can be reused, as this will help in reducing the amount of trash, and thus fewer landfill sites will be required. Keep a recycling bin handy, and set one up for the entire building too.

    Along with recycling, you can also buy products that are either recycled or used. Furniture for example can be bought from a second hand products store.

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    Green Products

    Buy products that are green in nature. Avoid those that have chemicals that cause harm to the environment as well as to your own health. You can replace the synthetic materials with organic ones in general, to add more green to your apartment. You can, for example, use rugs and bed sheets made of organic materials in your apartment.

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    Add some plants to your apartment. Not only will they add to the appeal of the apartment but will also add a bit of fresh air. This will also remind you of your aim to go green and will take you one step closer to achieving that.

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