How to Expunge Eviction From Rental History

The record of eviction from houses can affect your credit history, making it difficult for you to get credit cards and small loans in other forms. You can remove eviction history from the civil record and credit history, but will need to consult an attorney and study laws in your country. Whatever may be reasons behind your one, two or even more evictions, get the data removed from the record to keep your credit history clean. Generally, loan application from a person who has bad credit history is rejected straightaway.


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    Get Your Credit Report

    Get your credit report from credit bureaus, which you are entitled to. Each person can request for a copy of the report annually and the credit bureau by law is bound to give a copy to each person. You can check your credit history to see if the eviction is mentioned in the credit history.

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    Public Record

    Also check public record, civil record or municipality record in your jurisdiction to see if the evictions are mentioned in them. Search these records thoroughly to see if they contain your name and details.

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    Settle Disputed Payments

    In the civil record you will find many disputed payments, which you can settle and get your name removed from the record. You can either contact your previous landlords or make the payments through other ways.

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    Informing Credit Bureaus

    After settlement of the disputes you can inform each credit bureau through a letter, explaining the reason for evictions and settlement of the disputed payments. Informing the bureaus can help you remove your name from credit history.

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    Removal from Civil Record

    Removal of your name and eviction details from the civil record will require an order from a judge. For this purpose, you can seek advice and services of an attorney. The attorney can explain you the entire process and how you can approach the court.

  • 6

    Verify Removal

    After completing the removal process of the eviction details from the credit history and civil record, you can ask for a report from the credit bureau to confirm it does not contain your name in the list of evictions anymore. This step is essential so make sure you verify your details properly.

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