How to Have Fun without Drugs and Alcohol

Are you a regular drinker? Do you like to get high? Or are you addicted to a particular drug and you are finding it hard to leave it? Whatever the case may be, an alcoholic or even a drug addict thinks it is extremely difficult for him/her to have fun without their everyday dosage. However, it is quite easy to have fun without drugs and alcohol once you are used to of living a life without them.

You should know the people you should be hanging out with, other things that might make you happy and how you should be coping with things in everyday life.


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    If you really want to get high and you are not getting the everyday dosage of your particular drug, or even alcohol, it is time for you to try new ways to get high. Mushrooms are considered to be something that helps you get high without being injurious to your health. Therefore, buy a few mushrooms and get high and that will really help you stay happy, healthy and fit at the same time.

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    Stop hanging out in the bars. Once you go to the bars, you will definitely look for alcohol and since there is going to be alcohol around you, it will be hard for you to resist and you will start drinking all over again. Therefore, try to avoid going to the bars and find yourself a new hobby or a different set of activities.

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    You need to change your company if all your friends are alcoholic and drug addicts. Try to hang out with new people; people who will help you change yourself and will allow you to have fun without the usage of alcohol and drugs.

    Some people are extremely adventurous and fun loving even without drugs and alcohol. Look for new company and hang out with them until and unless you are fully over this habit of yours. Always try to do things that will keep you fit and healthy; and happy at the same time.

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    You have to change your activities once you have involved yourself in drinking alcohol and using different drugs. Try to find a new hobby and start being social. Talk to different people, learn new things. Try to learn an instrument, or start painting if you think you are an artist. These things will help you have fun and they will also allow you to get rid of alcohol and drugs.

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