How to Be Happy Being Single

Contrary to what movies, shows and novels would have you believe, being single can be quite a blessing. The grass always has and maybe always would look greener on the other side, but you should not let your presumption(s) keep you from cherishing and celebrating the freedom that you have.

If you have always been single, or recently stepped out of a relationship, you may be feeling blue. While there is no denying the fact that it does get a bit lonely at times, you can easily get over it and start making the most of your single status. Remember, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Things Required:

– Pen and paper
– Phone
– Computer
– Internet connection


  • 1

    When you start to feel depressed over your single status, just grab a pen and paper, sit down and start jotting down anything good that you can think of about being single.

    Advantages of not being in a relationship can include having the freedom to do as you wish, go where you want, leave the house or come back whenever you feel like it and not having to live up to anyone’s expectations.

    Additionally, you will not have to make compromises. Just write all the good things down and if you ever feel down in the future, just pull out the list and take a look at it to realise just how fortunate you are.

  • 2

    Go out with your friends more often. The biggest downside to being single is the loneliness. However, there is no reason for you to be alone if you have friends that you can spend time with. Go to the movies, clubs, cafes, concerts, etc. with them. You can even make plans to go out on adventures with them.

  • 3

    Whenever you feel the loneliness creeping over, pick up your phone and call a family member or friend. Just hearing another person’s voice would surely help you feel better.

  • 4

    If you are into video games, start playing online multiplayer games to keep yourself distracted from the depression that your single status may be causing. Get a high-end computer and fast Internet connection to have the more enjoyable online gaming experience. If you are not interested in games, then maybe spending time on Facebook and peeking into the lives of others would help you stay distracted.

  • 5

    With no commitment or responsibilities on your shoulders, start focusing on your health and body. Exercise on daily basis and join a gym if possible to keep your body toned. Just because you are single does not mean you let yourself sulk.

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