How to Develop a Photographic Memory with the Help of a Lamp

Everyone wants to have a photographic memory so they can use it later for remembering what they read in certain books or on some paper. This can actually aid the students in remembering things when they are giving their quizzes or exams. There is a certain science behind the term ‘photographic’ memory and people tend to crave for it. However, it will take at least one month to master the way through which you can actually memorize everything that was written in the paragraph or the text which you wanted to be in your memory. The following steps are going to help you develop a photographic memory only with the help of a lamp. Remember: your eyes are going to take some time to adjust to this method.


  • 1

    First of all, you need to find yourself a dark room. It is better if you practice this during the night, but if you want to remember something with this method during the day then you will need a really dark room.

  • 2

    Carry a bright lamp with you and enter the room. This bright lamp is going to aid you in developing a photographic memory.

  • 3

    Grab a paper and cut a rectangular hole. This hole must be the size of the paragraph or text that you want to memorize. For that you will have to fold the paper into two halves and then cut a rectangle half the size of the text.

  • 4

    Now put that particular hole on the top of the text so you can only read the text which you want to memorize. Make sure that the lamp is shining brightly right next to this text.

  • 5

    Close your eyes and open them again. Keep doing this until your eyes have managed to adjust with the light settings and they can easily focus on the writing once you open them.

  • 6

    Now it’s time for you to start the process. Shut the light off and you will experience an afterglow as your eyes will try to adjust to the dark.

  • 7

    Split the light on again and then switch it back off.

  • 8

    Whatever material was in front of you, notice how it is imprinting in your mind. Keep remembering that imprint and as soon as it is fading, switch the light on again and then switch it back off. Make sure you are starting at the material during the time the light is on.

  • 9

    Keep repeating this process until you recall every single paragraph in order. You will be able to see a picture of the paragraph in your mind and you can easily write it down or say it out loud.

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