How to Interpret a Dream

Dreams are a doorway into the unconscious mind. Interpreting your dream can foretell what will occur in your life and gives foresight so you can take necessary precautions or make preparations for new beginnings. Interpreting and knowing the meaning of dreams should not be taken lightly because it is an ancient practice done before the birth of Christ and is mentioned in the Bible on various occasions.

There are a number of different interpretations to one dream and as the dreamer you should look into all of these meanings to see which fits with your life. We are highly spiritual instinctive beings and dreams are one way your mind gives insight to your future as they are windows to your soul. By understanding your dreams you will gain better knowledge into your life because every dream is unique and connected with our own reality. Sometimes a dream can be so intense that you need to remind yourself you’re dreaming or thank God that it was a dream. How many times have you awaken from a dream shaken and thanking your lucky star it is not real or calling family and friends to make sure they are fine.

Continue reading to learn the steps for interpreting a dream and a few meanings of the most common dreams individuals may have.


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    The first step to interpreting your dream is remembering them. The best way to do this is to analyse and recall your dream as soon as you wake up in the morning even if it means writing it down.

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    By keeping a pen and pad handy can make this very easy. Write the answer to these simple questions to further analyse your dream. What was the image that stood out in your dream? How was the general feelings in the dream was it happiness, sadness, urgency, fright or shameful? Where did the dream take place and what situation in your real life does the dream remind you of?

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    There are common dream symbols that appear for most people like nudity which can mean that the individual feels vulnerable. It also can symbolise that there is a hidden secret that if revealed will lead to disgrace and anxiety.

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    Flying represents the dreamer’s ambition and the altitude should be taken into consideration. Flying low to medium means your goals will be achieved successfully. If you are trying to maintain a certain height and you are having trouble reaching it, this may mean that your goals are too high at the moment and you might have to do a few adjustments.

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    Falling in a dream symbolises fear or lack of control and may mean minor or major setbacks.

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    Being chased in a dream can be interpreted that you are likely trying to escape from a person or situation in real life.

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    If you dream that you could not move, speak and trying to scream for help but were unable could mean that you need to get out of a serious situation but do not know where to begin. In this situation it is suggested that you seek help from people you trust like family, friends or get professional assistance.

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    Water in a dream represents your emotions. Turbulent water means you can be facing a difficult situation in your life while mild flowing water suggests contentment. If you dream of a waterfall this predicts improvement in your financial situation.

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    Death is actually positive in the dream world and signifies rebirth or new life.

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    Dreaming of romance, love, or physical affection that bring positive feelings mean you are happy with where you are in life. However, if your dream leaves you feeling hurt or insecure, it may be a reflection of your love life.

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