How to Be Socially Awkward

While most of you would strive hard to be a people’s person, somebody everybody likes to hang out and interact with, there are some people who want to be left alone. Believe it or not, this is also a difficult thing to do, for there are many people who have a habit to interfere in other people’s matters. The situation specially becomes very testing, when a person is good looking and others want to engage with him/her. Under these circumstances, it is wise to develop some abhorred practices which will essentially make you a persona non grata. All you have to do is decide which ones come more naturally to you.


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    Stare then ignore, and then repeat

    Eyes can say what words cannot. This is not only relevant to love related emotions, but also applies equally when you want to keep a distance. One of the most effective methods to create an uncomfortable situation for somebody is to stare him/her down, and when he responds act like nothing has happened. Do this repeatedly, and the time won’t be far when the person would deem you to be an insane, mentally disturbed and eccentric person. Right there is your achievement unlocked.

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    Look as if you are in pain

    After doing your bit with eyes, the next step is to repel people with your face expression. This is simple – never smile for a bit and sport a serious rather a constipated look on your face. That will encourage most people to leave you alone.

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    Fart publically and ensure that you smell bad

    If the first two steps do not work their magic, the best way to give an awkward image is ensure that you have a bad breath. Do not use a perfume or cologne, and when possible fart loudly in public.

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    Dress poorly

    Wearing odd coloured and un-pressed clothes can also go a long way in adding to your awkward personality. Wear unpolished shoes and give no reason to people to start a conversation with you.

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    If despite all your measures, somebody does dare to engage in a conversation with you, make sure that it would be his/her last time. Try to assert your views on others, and workout their touchy points. The next most important thing is to be aggressive in your tone. Give others the impression that they are not worth talking to and you are someone special.

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