10 Blogs About Food

Everyone has to eat, therefore if you spend any amount of time in front of a computer screen you can’t claim you would have no interest in reading about food. Okay, maybe if you’re in prison and have no say over what you consume then you may lack interest. But all others, you’ve got no excuse. If you’re not already, start treating your tastebuds. You can begin by getting ideas of places to eat or recipes to cook by visiting these blogs about food.

1. SLICE – Pizza is a great equalizer of food. No matter where you go in the world you’re likely to find a some form of the cheesy treat. At Slice “America’s Favorite Pizza Weblog” you can find out about fantastic pizza joints all over the world. While Slice does feature much of its pizza related reviews on parlors in and around New York City there are posts on this blog about pizza in Japan, Russia, and even Vietnam. Besides reviewing pizza restaurants, Slice even reviews take-home pizza-like items such as pizza rolls. A surprising post from last week included a note about a chocolate pizza being served at the just opened Max Brenner chocolate shop.

2. HOT SAUCE BLOG – An entire blog dedicated to hot sauce? With the growing popularity of hot wings it shouldn’t really come as such a surprise. The creator of the blog, Nick Lindauer knows what he’s talking about having created his own line of hot sauce, Sweat ‘N Spice Hot Sauces. This food blog is not just an advertisement for his own products though. When you visit Hot Sauce Blog you can expect to find reviews on all types of hot sauces (be honest, aren’t you a little lost when you look at the many different hot sauces staring back at you at the grocery store?) which rate the sauces on a number of categories including packaging, aroma, appearance, taste, and heat.

3. A HAMBURGER TODAY – This food blog is a sister site to Slice, but of course they aren’t identical twins as A Hamburger Today features what else? Hamburgers! At this blog you will find all things hamburger – hamburger toys, hamburger cakes, interviews with hamburger “experts” (such as one with a general manager of a Sonic Drive-In), and yes, even reviews about hamburgers.

4. CHUBBY HUBBY – Though Chubby Hubby is written out of Singapore, eyeballs all around the world will marvel at the professional style food photography on this site. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to lick your computer screen. In addition to the photographs there are recipes for finer food dishes like creme brulee and Moroccan chicken with tomatoes and saffron-honey jam.

5. DINER’S JOURNAL – Diner’s Journal by Frank Bruni is actually a New York Times blog. Food snobs, those especially of New York City, will thoroughly enjoy this food blog. In New York City chef are often treated as rock stars, and so in a way this is like their own Page 6. I did expect to be turned off by this blog, but after reading through a few posts, I found that it appealed to even the average food consumer.

6. ACCIDENTAL HEDONIST – The Accidental Hedonist is less recipe and review based and more reading about actual food. Whether the bloggers are talking about whether to freeze or can vegetables for the winter months or what happened to the popularity of donuts, this is a different spin on the food blog.

7. THE BREW LOUNGE – Some people, and by “people” I mean college students, consider beer to be the sixth food group. In going with that thinking, The Brew Lounge blog makes the list of food blogs. If you’re interested in home brewing you’ll get a lot out of this site (homebrewing recipes) and if you’re just a beer drinker you can find out when beer festivals are and where breweries are located.

8. JIMSEVEN – Technically coffee isn’t food either, but plenty of people call it their breakfast, and well, breakfast is a meal. This blog is written by a coffee expert. Really. Blogger James Hoffman is the 2006 UK Barista Champion, and placed 5th at the World’s, so you can trust him. Come here to read about coffee and coffee shops all around the world.

9. CUPCAKE BAKESHOP – Just like a meal ends with dessert, so does this list of food blogs. Cupcake Baskeshop is a blog devoted to cupcakes. Learn how to bake cupcakes in surprising flavors – caramel apple cupcakes, green tea, lavendar and honey cupcakes, or pistachio cupcakes.

10. COOKIE MADNESS – Cookie Madness is similar to Cupcake Bakeshop, except of course about cookies. It takes the standard cookie and puts a whole new spin on it, finishing with a product you would never have thought to make yourself.

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