10 Household Items that May Kill Your Dog

As we all know dogs are very curious, and sometimes mischievous, animals who will get into just about anything that they can get their paws on. Because of that it’s very important to know about 10 household items that may kill your dog so that you can keep them in a safe place.

The first, and actually most common chemical killer of dogs, is anti-freeze. Anti-freeze is extremely toxic to dogs and humans alike. What many people do not realize is that anti-freeze has an extremely sweet taste that compels dogs, who do not know better, to lap it up whenever they get the chance.

The second is chocolate. Many people know the chocolate is harmful to their dogs, but do not know just how harmful it is. Chocolate contains something called obomine which is extremely toxic to a dog system. While harmful in all types of chocolate even small amounts of dark or baking chocolate can kill a dog.

Third on the list is Tylenol. A dogs liver will not break down acetaminophen, because of this as few as two tablets of Tylenol have the potential to kill a dog.

Fourth is bleach. While most of you realize that bleach is very toxic it’s important to note that if your dog doesn’t just bleach do not induce vomiting, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Batteries. If your dog ingests a battery, most any type of alkaline battery, it may induce a fatal ulcer in as little as 12 hours.

Sixth on the list is mouthwash. Mouthwash contains an ingredient called boric acid which is highly toxic to dogs, in addition lens cleaner also contains this ingredient.

Mothballs take the seventh spot on the list. The insecticide and found within a mothball can easily cause a fatal seizure in a dog.

For number eight you need to be careful of your fabric softener and detergent. This is another thing where you need to be sure to contact your veterinarian rather than inducing vomiting.

Ninth on the list is peach pits. In fact most pits and fruit seeds are extremely toxic to a dog system.

Finally many houseplants are deadly to dogs. They are too many to name but some of the most common include aloe, poinsettias lilies and ivy.

Now that you know what household items have the potential to kill your dog do something about it. Keep them in a safe place or keep your dogs in a secure area.

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