Unique Indoor Lighting Fixtures: Let Your Decor Personality Shine

When it comes to decorating, your indoor lighting is a unique way to show what you feel inside and bring it to the fore front in your rooms. The lights in your room tell a story about you and your unique taste. Below are some ideas for lighting fixtures for your comfortable indoor space.

Chandelier: chandeliers are probably the first thing people notice when they first walk into your home. Usually located in the foyer or walkway leading to the parlor or dining room, chandeliers tell a lot about your taste and style in the art of decoration. For that, your chandelier should be something that lights up your home the way your spirit lights up your body. Price should not always mater, but if you can afford the more expensive or high end one, go for it. But remember, the room should hold the chandelier, not the chandelier holding the room. In other words, the chandelier should not overly overshadow the rest of the space or decors in the room. Everything should be in harmony with each other. Traditional or modern designs that compliment other decors in that particular space should be emphasized.

Ceiling Light Fixtures: In most hallways, people put ceiling light fixtures in place of regular light bulbs that say nothing much about you. Ceiling light fixtures are excellent for open areas where there is a lot of traffic. Places like laundry room, playroom, foyer, or even closets where you want the light to brighten in style will look great in ceiling fixtures. Ceiling fans with lights and mini-pendants are great fixtures of this type. For the lights, use energy efficient fluorescent bulbs or tubes for maximum exposure. Accent wall or ceiling light would look great for the rest of the room’s lighting.

Sconces: Wall sconce fixtures are stylish way to spice up the look of your hall ways, bathrooms, or den. Any space that is often dark and dreary could be cast away with sconces. The fixture is mounted on the wall to create a general or accent room lighting. You can have yours custom made to match other decors and fixtures such as chandelier intricate details or floor lamp designs. This harmony in d�©cor is essential in highlighting the beauty of your home interior as well as testifying to the artist in you. For sconces lights, be sure to have it diffused by glass or other shades.

Floor Lamps: Use well-balanced floor lamps with low voltage to brighten the space in your dark corners. You will be amazed at how stylish and upgraded the space would look, and you hardly sweat.

Table Lamps: Table lamps come in modern and unique styles that are functional for any table space. They come in lively colors and great designs that illuminate your table and enhance the beauty of your indoor space.

Kinds of Light: Use halogen lights for your home because they give more natural feel and look that incandescent lighting wouldn’t. Halogen lights are great for any time of the day.

Keep in mind that whatever you decide to use to decorate your indoor space, great indoor lighting fixtures are vital to bringing your dÃ?©cor to light. You do not want to hide the beautiful designs you’ve created, but also, you do not want to over expose. Be your self and decorate to create a sense of harmony within your soul and your surrounding. Shop online or your local home improvement stores for best buys and deals in interior decorating. Lowes and Lamp plus stores also have quite a huge selection to choose from. Best of Luck!




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