10 Reasons Why You Should Buy the Xbox 360

10 Gears of war, chainsaws and blood, you cant go wrong with that

9 Multimedia Capabilities, save the hard drive for demos, stream your music. Don’t act like you never knew that you had N’SYNC on your PC

8 Xbox Live Arcade, theres nothing like loosing everything you own on a hand of poker . Between you and I, you’ll find more women playing on arcade then halo

7 Marketplace, It’s 2 am your tired of jacking off , tired off playing saints row, go download a game and play…. open 24 hours

6 Achievement, I’m more addicted to achievements then my coke habit

5 Wireless controller, now when I throw my controller, my system doesn’t fall off the TV. (It could of been worse if it was the PS3 prototype controller it would fly back and hit you

4 Exclusives, when those damn Japs start giving Microsoft exclusive titles, you know there are problems with the Jap system. (not enough blue lasers my ass)

3 Xbox Live, pwned, pwned, noob, noob, fag, you suck, need I say more! Hey it’s not just me!

2 Halo 3 , it cant always be number 1

1 We all know your broke ass cant afford a PS3 , and if you can good luck finding one (cough cough eBay) you rich bastard

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