10 Simple Steps to a Clean Bathroom

Bathrooms can be one of the most difficult rooms to keep clean. Loose hair, mildew in the shower and toothpaste in the sink are just a few hinderances to keeping a bathroom clean. To fight back, there are a few simple things that you can do to help keep your bathroom clean.

1. Keep a roll of paper towels in the bathroom. This makes it easy to just grab a paper towel and clean up a quick mess, or to wipe down the sink 2-3 times a day. Your kids might even be inspired to clean behind themselves with paper towels easily accessible.

2. Keep countertops free of clutter. Shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, hairbrushes, etc. should be hidden away in cabinet drawers or shelves. Dirt and debris accumulate behind and under containers making it more difficult to keep your bathroom clean. Tuck these items away neatly and put them back after use, and you’ll soon find your bathroom looking cleaner and neater without much effort.

3. Keep a cordless sweeper nearby. Cordless sweepers are better at picking up hair and lint that might be left behind by a broom. They are also great for quick clean ups. Running the sweeper over the bathroom floor once a day will help quite a bit in keeping your bathroom clean.

4. Wipe down the shower and tub after every use. It’s so simple. After a shower/bath, grab a couple of paper towels, spray a little of your favorite cleaner and wipe down the shower. Grime and scum won’t have the opportunity to build up and your bathroom will always look and smell fresh.

5. Add an old toothbrush to your list of cleaning supplies. An old toothbrush is a great tool for cleaning tile grout (but be gentle as you don’t want to loosen the grout). It is also a great tool for cleaning behind and around the faucets. Just spray on a little window cleaner, scrub with your old toothbrush and wipe with a paper towel. Your faucet will look shiny and new again.

6. Keep your drains clean and fresh. Periodically pour 1 cup of lemon juice and 1 cup of baking soda down your drain. Follow immediately with a large pot of boiled water. Not only will this keep your drain fresh, but it will also help to keep it clean.

7. Invest in a nice set of soft bath mats. My family loves these. You can get them at Overstock.com or a bath store like Bed, Bath and Beyond. These are the same as what they have in your nice hotels and are easy to launder. Not only are they comfortable when you step out of the shower, but they help to keep your floor nice and clean. Be sure to hang the mat over a radiator, tub or shower door to dry after each use, and wash them often.

8. Clean your toilet tank periodically. Pour 1/2 box of baking soda in your toilet tank (the tank, not the bowl) and let it sit overnight. The following morning flush 2-3 times and follow with a pot of very hot water and flush again. Another option is to use a couple of cups of white vinegar or a couple of cups of lemon juice. Pour the white vinegar or lemon juice in the toilet tank. Let it sit about 30 minutes. Flush the toilet 2-3 times and follow with a pot of very hot water and flush again.

9. Mop often. Mopping is important to a clean bathroom. When you mop, be sure to wash down the baseboards and to clean behind the doors and the toilet.. You’d be surprised the number of odors that lurk on your bathroom floor.

10. Get rid of carpet and rugs in the bathroom. I am still amazed by the number of people who have carpet in their bathrooms. It is just a cleaning nightmare! Not only do you have the risk of someone missing the toilet, but there is also the buildup of water underneath the carpet which can lead to mold and mildew. Although rugs are a little better, they can still be trouble when kept in the bathroom. I’d suggest instead purchasing more soft bath mats to put on the floor while you’re brushing your teeth or even using the bathroom. After each use pick them up and you can launder it immediately if there is a problem.

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