Febreze Air Effects: The Ideal Air Freshener

I admit it: my main sensory organ is my nose. I can smell roses from blocks away. Unfortunately, I can also smell gym clothes and skunks from even further away. And harsh odors often trigger a migraine.

So do strong masking deodorizing sprays, like Lysol or Glade. Once a strong smell has triggered my headaches to start, only taking the smell away can stop it.

That’s why I love Febreze Air Effects. Instead of masking smells, a special active ingredient, cyclodextrin, binds with the molecules that carry odor and eliminates them from the air. It does not actually clean the air or kill bacteria, like Lysol does, but it removes the smells so people sensitive to smells, like me, can function again.

Febreze Fragrances

Fragrances currently carried by Febreze Air Effects include Linen & Sky, Meadows & Rain, Spring & Renewal, Citrus & Light, Blossoms & Breeze, Summer & Splash, Rocky Springs & Cool, Apple Spice & Delight, Berries & Paradise. At one point they also had a mint scent, and you might still be able to find that in some stores

I have by no means tried all of these; I’d experience nasal overload! My two favorite scents are the Citrus & Light and Blossoms & Breeze. Blossoms & Breeze is a very fresh, light floral scent, and after an initial strong burst of fragrance, it fades back into a very pleasant perfume.

The Citrus & Light is very different. It smells like orange Children’s Bayer, or the way orange Tic-Tacs taste. It’s a perfect fragrance to deodorize a bathroom or a kid’s room — not too feminine, yet not strong like most masculine scents are. It’s also a perfect odor for spring, as it smells fresh and ripe. It’s also a really good fragrance to spray in the kitchen if you, say, burned the soup. Like me.

The mint scent, if you can find it, is great for garages and bathrooms – strong enough to mask heavy odors right away, but dissipating quickly. I was really surprised that they’ve discontinued it; they were the only company making a mint air freshener.

Blending Febreze Air Effects Fragrances

One of the best parts about the Febreze Air Effects fragrances is that they all blend together smoothly. Fragrances are hard to mix; if you put two or more incompatible scents together, you end up with something that smells like a cheap whore or rose-scented used gym socks.

With Air Effects, you can spray one fragrance in the bathroom, another in the hall, and another in the kitchen. The fragrances don’t clash. Instead, they blend in unique ways and seem actually to absorb one another on the edges. This means you move from your orange bathroom to your apple spice kitchen to your blossom-scented living room with no unpleasant transitions. You can set the mood in each room, just by spraying the appropriate fragrance.

How About Value?

Febreze Air Effects last well, but probably would last longer in the hands of someone who was not me. The good thing is that one good spray will remove unpleasant odors in a room – you don’t have to keep going back over it. But because Febreze is designed to absorb all odors, it also absorbs its own odors. The fragrance, if not applied to cloth or another absorbent surface, dissipates fairly quickly.

But if you are trying to get rid of fragrances, it lasts forever. You should be able to find Air Effects at Wal-Mart for a very reasonable price, somewhat higher at most other department and grocery stores. I’ve never seen it priced over $2.79.

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