10 Things No Kitchen Should Be Without

People have different opinions on how to stock their kitchens. There are some kitchen tools that after many years of cooking I’ve come to find are indispensable in the kitchen. Some of them can be fairly inexpensive but some are in fact pricey and should be seen as an investment. All of these items are well worth purchasing especially if you are a moving into your first place. If the more expensive tools are out of your budget there are a wide variety of versions available at different prices.

Two Pans-A skillet and 4 quart stock pot are all that is really needed to cook just about everything especially if they are oven safe which adds to their versatility. Cookware is often cheaper bought in sets but if you don’t have much storage or money two good oven safe pans will do very well until you can get a set of cookware.

Utensils- In this category are spatulas, slotted spoons, ladles, whisks, colanders and the like. These items can be purchased in sets with their own holder for twenty to thirty dollars. Colanders and strainers may not be included in these sets but are available very inexpensively on their own.

Dinnerware and Flatware- Without these items you can’t eat or enjoy the food you make. Dinnerware can also be bought in sets for 20-30 dollars each, buying two is usually best. Flatware can also be bought for around the same price. In this case though one set usually does the trick.

Serving Dishes- These are always nice to have for company or a special meal and need not be pricey they can be purchased just about anywhere including dollar stores and garage sales. Be sure to clean them well before the first use. If you don’t use them often you may want to wash them before serving food with them.

A food Processor or Blender- Although this can be pricey opt for something mid- priced and mid-sized. Food Processors are a great time saver and are very versatile. They can be used to make sauces, dressings, and countless other things.

Knives and sharpening stone- Good well made knives are among the most important items in any kitchen. Dull knives are very dangerous. A set with a good sharpening steel and holding block can be very expensive but the investment is well worth it. Good knives can last many years.

Stocking your kitchen is easy and doesn’t have to be tremendously expensive. A few well made items can make your cooking experience easy and enjoyable.

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