10 Tips for Organizing Your Craft Supplies

Any type of craft seems to prompt an accumulation of supplies. From patterns to needles and threads fabrics and any other notion all these things tend to make it hard to find the tool you want when you want it. Below are some organize tips that both I and my family have found helpful over the years. I hope these tips will make crafting easier for you in the future. It is amazing how much faster a project will go when you are organized…

1. All those free patterns are never where you think they should be so try buying a 3 ring binder and making your own craft book. Just punch holes in the patterns and with a few dividers the scarf pattern you need will not be hiding under the directions for making a rag rug.

2 all those little sewing notions, safety pins, packets of needles, row markers and thimbles. Along with crochet hooks and knitting needles and threads will find the perfect home in a large tackle box. Just hit the sporting goods department and find the box with the compartments you need.

3 lucky enough to have your own craft room. Peg board is a wonderful help. Just put different threads into small baggies and hang them where you can find them. It never hurts to put the proper bobbin with your thread. Your embroidery hoops will be a snap to find when hanging within easy reach.

4. If you are like me you stock up on fabric when it is on sale or a certain color catches your eye. But what do you do with all those neatly folded yards? Stackable drawers work well for this or you could do as my Mother and use the family crib. It is now rocking many quilts to be.

5. Yarn either new or small balls of scraps are trapped easily in stackable drawers,
The clear ones make it easy to find what you need. Leftover yarn can be wound into balls and tossed into an inexpensive trash basket or clothes basket to create that perfect scrapghan. It is always handy to keep the different types of yarn separate, this way a baby blanket won’t accidentally end up with a noticeable stripe of worsted in the center.

6. Need something to do with all that embroidery floss? A three ring binder works well here to keep each color separate. Simply loupe the end of each scene over the rings in front of a corresponding labeled divider. This way you can tell which color you need to buy and will always be ready for that new project.
7. A latch hook project will fit nicely in an old briefcase. It will keep everything together and portable

8. All those tiny pastry tips will be a breeze to find in a small tackle box. This is so much easier then digging through a kitchen drawer. And if you get a larger one you can keep track of all your food dyes as well.
9. Use an over the door shoe rack to store pieces of plastic canvas, Scenes of yarn ribbon. And strips of elastic and Velcro.
10. Glue sticks, paint brushes and crochet hooks fit nicely into a pencil box not to mention those colored pencils or chalk pencils.

I hope I’ve given you some ideas to make crafting more fun and less stressful.
The most important thing in crafting is that it be relaxing so grab that yarn or thread and enjoy.

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