10 Tips for a Great Outdoor Wedding

Every woman wants the perfect wedding right? And who wouldn’t want an outdoor wedding if nature permits? But an outdoor wedding has to be well planned out just like an indoor wedding, but unlike indoor weddings in outdoor weddings you have to take into account the natural elements involved. Weather can be tricky, even if you consulted the almanac. Below is a checklist of things to include or maybe even consider when planning an outdoor wedding.

1. Make your guests comfortable-After all you want everyone to remember this day right? When they look back on this event you don’t want people saying how hot and muggy it was or how the chairs that you chose for them to sit on were backbreaking do you? If it an especially hot day, have you’re ushers (or young family members) hand out bottles of ice cold water or maybe even sunscreen. What about fans with the bride and grooms name and the wedding date creatively engraved on them. Is the wedding after a nice spring rain and it’s cold and damp? Have the usher’s hand out lap blankets/plastics to cover their expensive shoes if the guests get especially cold.

2. Have a backup plan-The day started out sunny and beautiful and you were really optimistic about this being your day, nothing could go wrong right? Wrong. Your sunny and beautiful day decided to change into rain. No worries, Have an indoor space waiting and decorated just in case of rain, hail, or just too much wind. Which brings me to number three.

3.Plan for wind-Avoid light fabrics like chiffon so as the cameras are flashing away, they don’t catch your dress flying up over you head. Who would want that picture in their photo album? Have a tent at the ready. Tell your hairstylist that it is outdoors so that he/she can plan on the perfect coif. And have men in your wedding party wear gel to keep their locks in place.

4. Can anybody hear? -This is probably the most annoying at an outdoor wedding. It’s not intentional; it’s just nature making their presence heard and of course unnatural noises like cars. You would rather not be yelling your vows in your partners face, so consider a sound system for just you and your mate and of course the pastor.

5. Decorations-Who needs decorations when nature is already the most you’ll ever need. But of course for those who are getting married when the sun is going down, try stringing lights or even lanterns from the trees/bushes. It will create a nice romantic setting for your already highly romantic wedding. Have an arch or trellis framing you and your partner, so you guys will be the center of attention

6. Make things tasty-If it’s hot out, please make sure your food keeps in the heat. Have a tray of ice cubes underneath the food or at least cover the yummies. And avoid certain foods like mayonnaise at any cost. We don’t want guests getting upset stomachs at the very least do we. That would be a great memory!

7. Don’t leave guests parched-Please no alcohol if it’s hot! Alcohol equals dehydration. If you have to have it, have the reception inside where it’s cool and serve in there. Great alternatives would be ice teas, lemonades, or punch. How ’bout a cocktail? Mint juliep. It will keep everyone refreshed and cool.

8. Insects-Flies are the bane of outdoor fun. Have your ushers pass around insect repellent. It’s the least you could do since it was your idea to have it outdoors in the first place.

9. Sun-Consider your guests! Have the sun at their back. Position the chairs, the whole wedding accordingly. Otherwise people will not remember you in that gorgeous gown you paid a trillion for.

10. Permits-Contact city parks department or your local government offices. After all who wants to spend their honeymoon in jail?

I hope this helped�at least a little.

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