10 Tips on How to Become a Better Manager

Management positions is more than just a title. Every manager can improve his or her skills overall. Here are ten tips on how to become a better manager.

1. Every manager needs customers to know that you care about them and want them to be happy. For example, when you are a manager at a grocery store if someone happens to pick up some milk that accidentally spills out onto the floor then please make sure that the customer gets a new jug of milk. This is part of showing people that you care. You don’t want to rip the customers off.

2. Every manager needs to be honest. Don’t lie to customers. Don’t lie to other employee’s. You want to be honest and do the right thing at all times. Never lie to customers or coworkers otherwise they will think poorly of you. You want people to know that you are a very honest person.

3. Managers need to be dependable and reliable. Every manager is suppose to be dependable since you are a very important person. You want people to know that they can count on you to follow through with tasks. You want people to know that you accomplish tasks within a reasonable time frame.

4. Show concern about other people around. It makes them think that you take your job as a manager seriously. Always be kind and friendly to people around you. You want to impress people by being helpful. to others. It is a nice to see a manager that smiles every once in a while too.

5. Managers need to let everyone know their work schedule in advance. You don’t want people to have to cancel plans or important appointments already made in advance. If people need a certain day off due to a wedding then try to make it possible so someone can cover the persons shift for a day or two.

6. Never steal from the company by any method ever. Don’t cheat the time clock at work by clocking in early. Another thing is not to let other employee’s stand around talking about non work related issues each hour since it is waste of the company money. Make sure that you and the employee’s are honest in regards to pay.

7. Don’t have any favorite employee’s since it isn’t fair to others. You don’t want to do favors for others that you wouldn’t do for everyone else. Don’t give one persons paycheck to them early, but yet tell the other people that isn’t possible for them to get their paycheck early. Whichever you do don’t lie to them about situations.

8. Every manager needs to realize that not every employee tells lies or makes up a reason for being late. Sometimes an emergency does indeed happen. You don’t want to come across as being an insensitive person or accuse people of things that they didn’t do. You need to be understanding from time to time.

9. Don’t harass any employee just because you don’t like him or her. You don’t want to write people up just because you can. You need to have a valid reason. You don’t want to single any employee out otherwise it will look odd to other people. You want to come across as always harping on someone.

10. Don’t ignore any complaints that a employee may have. If an employee tells you about a situation then you need to make sure to correct the situation as soon as possible. You don’t want to discard any concerns that employee’s have. You aren’t above the law in regards to legal issues.

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