10 Tips on How to Get Your Business Noticed on a Shoestring Budget

It is possible for your business to get noticed even on a shoestring budget. You just have be a little creative in order to get more advertisement much cheaper since your business is on a budget. Here are ten tips on how to get your business noticed on a shoestring budget.

1. You can sell coupon books for in exchange for advertisement for free or little money required. This is one method that most companies use to get their business name out there without spending large amounts of money.

2. You can trade advertisement space with other companies in exchange for a few of your products or services. Many companies do trades in order to receive a service or product in exchange. It is a win situation for each company.

3. You can usually get your business name listed in the phone book for free advertising when you have a regular business phone line. Cellular phones usually don’t count to get the free advertising since it isn’t a regular phone.

4. You can advertise your business by simply making a donation of small amount of money or even products. This will get your business name known to the general public. It is another small cheap method of getting advertisements for little money.

5. Your company can give away freebies at trade show. It is another way to let a variety of people know about your company for free. Many freebies such as cookies baked fresh will attract a ton of visitors that are interested in your company.

6. You can sometimes get a newspaper to write a little bit of information about your company for free. They will sometimes do this if they have space to fill and they think that your company is something that people are interested in. You can give them a commission from each sale that you get as a result of the newspaper telling them about your company.

7. You can always go half and half in cost with a company to share ad space. This is another great method to get advertisement on coupon books and frequent flyers sent out each week. You can even check out inserts in the daily newspapers since they are sometimes cheaper.

8. Your company can always refer another company customers to each other in order to generate more business. It will help each other by advertisement and therefore spread word of mouth advertisement.

9. You can made a deal with the radio company in order to get them to advertise your on grand opening day on site at your company. It will help increase traffic to your business by large amounts more than it would just with a regular ad. A radio DJ voice attracts more attention especially when your company has something to offer free to offer such as a gift certificate to the first 100 visitors to your company.

10. You can have a referral program since it will increase the amount of traffic. A referral program will help happy customers talk about your company more and how great your company is since they will get a bonus for getting more sales for your company.

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