10 Tips on How to Handle Customers Complaints

It is important to handle customer complaints properly. You want to keep customers happy otherwise they will most likely stop shopping there at your company. Here are ten tips on how to handle customers complaints properly.

1. Make sure to take their complaints seriously. Show that you care about the issue and want to improve the situation as quickly as possible. You want them to know that you care. Be friendly, smile, and be kind.

2. You need to make sure to give them a free gift card or major discount in order to make up the complaints. You want them to feel happy enough to want to do business with your company again.

3. Listen to what the customer has to say. Don’t look bored. Don’t sigh. You want to pay attention to what the customer has to say to you. You don’t want to roll your eyes either. You need to handle the situation in the correct way.

4. You need to ask the customer what will make them happy and what they suggest to do about the issue. It is important to ask them what they suggest to do since it implies that you care about their opinion.

5. Ask them if the gift card or discount is good enough for them. If they want something else such as a free item then make sure to give it to them. You don’t want them to leave the company being unhappy due to a situation.

6. You need to write down the complaint. You need to make sure that the proper paperwork is filled out regarding the complaint. You want to make sure that the complaint is on file just in case the same incident happens in the future.

7. Let the store manager and other staff know about the situation. They need to know what goes on in the company regarding any complaints that customers may have.

8. Take complaints about prices seriously. If a person can get a better price elsewhere on a product then make sure to match the price. It will make the customer feel like that you care about them getting the most for their money.

9. Make sure that you remain professional. Nobody wants to deal with someone who is unprofessional. Make sure that the customers know that you are concerned and want to correct any mistakes that the company has made.

10. Don’t have a bad attitude towards the customers. Customers aren’t impressed with grumpy staff that doesn’t care about complaints.

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