ACT, Sonexis and Other Teleconferencing Companies Reviewed

Depending on the size of your company, you may want to consider teleconferencing as a way to save company time and cut travel costs.

You can participate in reserved, operated-assisted conferencing, in which an operator will direct you to the proper conference when you call in. You’ll have to make a reservation for this service. Then there’s reserved pass-code conferencing, which is an online service that allows you to participate in your company’s conference when you enter a pre-determined pass-code. Unreserved conferencing is available as well. This service is done online, with a host and up to 50 members, and the host will have control of the conference. You can also use the same feature for phone conferencing, but you’ll have to inform everyone of the pass-code before the meeting starts. There are ACT offices all over the world, in countries like Australia, The Netherlands, China, France, and of course, the United States. Visit for more conferencing information.

Sonexis is another teleconferencing company you may want to look into. Most of the work this company does is web-based, and they provide as much protection as possible, like firewall protection and random password generation for each employee that will be attending the conference. ConferenceManager is a system by Sonexis that companies can purchase to set up their own conferences whenever they need to. This also helps to eliminate the extra costs that companies would have to figure in if they rented teleconferencing equipment. You can visit the Sonexis website ( for purchasing information, or to speak to a representative.

When you’re scheduling a teleconferenced meeting, it’s important to do a little extra planning before your meeting. Since this meeting is live, but may not include the physical presence of people, make sure you write down all the points you want to bring up, as well as possible solutions, depending on the subject matter of the meeting. If you are in charge of certain parts of the meeting or subjects that are being discussed, you may want to have in mind certain people that you want to assign certain tasks to, or you may want to address a question one of your coworkers has posed to you before the meeting if it’s appropriate. These little tips will help, since the cost of teleconferencing is usually based on how long it takes, and you’ll want to make the meeting flow smoothly to save as much time (and therefore money) as possible.

If you’re concerned about the cost of conferencing for your business, you can visit for free quotes on all office technology services. You’ll have to provide information on the site, like when you want to conduct your next conference, how many calls and users you’ll expect for the meeting, and the zip code of the host for the meeting. You?ll receive a quote from companies that may be able to help you no matter how soon you have to begin your conference.

Office technology is a wonderfully convenient way to keep in touch with everyone in your company without interrupting anyone’s schedule. Visit the sites above for more information on how to get your company involved.

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