How Payment Solutions Unlock New Opportunities for Customer Loyalty

Independent Retailer recently published a thought-provoking new interview with Todd Robinson, VP of Marketing for North American Bancard, a Michigan-based full-service payment solutions provider.

According to Robinson, retail payment solutions “can and should be optimized to the needs of each individual business.”

Doing so is not only good for business from all conceivable angles; it’s also a great way to boost customer loyalty.

So, how exactly can payment solutions help with efficiency, the publication asks?

“Accepting credit and debit cards makes a business more efficient in numerous ways,” Robinson says. “Retailers will see an increase in sales, since customers who pay with credit cards spend more than those who pay with cash. They will also see an increase in customer loyalty because they allow customers to pay how they want to pay.”

Not surprisingly, the executive explains, retailers with a storefront should also utilize mobile and tablet payment solutions.

“At North American Bancard, we don’t take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to payment processing, because we know that no two businesses are alike,” Robinson concludes, illustrating his point. “Whether they are operating solely out of a brick and mortar location, looking to accept payments on the go, or want a combination of both, we will tailor a payment acceptance solution to the needs of their specific business. From traditional countertop terminals to the latest tablets and mobile solutions, we provide each merchant with a customized approach that will help their business prosper.”

To read the full interview, click here.

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