Killing Computer Dust Bunnies to Understanding the V-Chip: New Guides Have it All

Technology is my first love, synonymous in every way with my writing life. From the time I first decided that I wanted to write a story, I’ve turned to computers to format my work. Today, I am happily combining technology into my life in ways that grow with the new goodies that keep finding their ways on to our shelves.

Because I’m such a self-admitted geek, tutorials are a natural by-product of my obsession. When I find something that can’t be missed, I share it with everyone I know – I can’t help myself.

This week, I’ve seen some truly amazing content published by new and newer Content Producers that must be shared. Whether you’re fighting the battle against computer dust bunnies, pondering the idea of starting a blog, or just concentrating on keeping your children safe in front of the television, we’ve got some great new guides for you.

How To Properly Clean Inside Your Computer

Fairly new to Associated Content, Jennifer Mattern is anything but new to the world of helping people out on the Internet. Her impressive net resume includes serving as Editor for an Indie music webzine and blog, volunteering as the Technology Editor for, and managing several sites on the All Info About network.

With one of her latest submissions to AC, “How To Properly Clean Inside Your Computer”, Jennifer caught my eye because her style is clean and easy-to-follow. I will be the first to admit that I’m hard on my computers; until recently, I was a non-stop smoker (a big computer no-no) and I also have an endless array of children running through the place with dust and mud and who knows what else streaming off their clothes. That my computer fans continue turning at all is a wonder sometimes.

Mattern’s guide shows all the reasons that cleaning the inside of your computer is important, offers up a list of tools you’ll need, and then walks you step-by-step through the process so you don’t have to worry you’re going to break something.
This guide should be required reading for anyone who owns a computer.

Blogging for Beginners: How to Get Started With Your Blog

I’ll admit it. The first thing that caught my eye about this article was the author’s name: The Good Witch. Immediate thoughts of Wizard of Oz came streaming in and, grinning, I had to investigate. Though The Good Witch has been publishing on Associated Content since January, this is her first foray into the world of technology articles – and a very good decision for the rest of us that she did!

What this article reveals is a detailed guide to everything you could possibly want to know about blogging, from its history to making money with your blog. The Good Witch’s writing style is clean and easy to read – I started the article on a whim, but had to keep reading because she’d caught me with her insight and wording. If you’ve ever wondered about blogging, or have considered keeping any sort of online “diary”, this article is something you need to check out.

And The Good Witch? Keep them coming, please!

How Do You Work This Thing?

Paisley Raven is a new Content Producer on AC, but her first submission really makes me hope we see a lot more from her. In “How Do You Work This Thing? – Tips from a Home-Grown Tech-y”, Raven gives a lot of help for those of us with more gadgets than we know how to work. Beginning with the down-low on using the V-Chip to “prevent your children from scarring themselves with programming you consider off-limits”, Raven offers a step-by-step on how to adjust television settings. She jumps right into explaining the basics of getting the most out of our high-def tv’s and ends the guide with truly helpful links you won’t want to miss.

Welcome to AC, Paisley Raven.

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