Tax Accountants in Atlanta, Georgia

There are few things in life that can strike fear into a man or woman’s heart like that of tax season. It is the one time in every single year that individuals dance around like a harmonious ballet, but what are we dancing around? That of having to figure out how much money that one job last summer brought you in, trying to find your W-2’s and your 1099 forms through the box full of receipts that you are hoping you can count off as a business expense, all the while knowing that you have a deadline to meet plus having to continue living your extremely busy life. If only you could drop everything in your life and start preparing your taxes, but in reality you cannot do that. But if you live in Atlanta, Georgia there is a light at the end of the tax tunnel because there are three absolutely amazing accountants.

The first accounting firm is Allegiance Strategists, P.C., Atlanta C.P.A.’s. This accounting firm’s mission statement is one of greatness. They simply say, “(their mission is to) save you money through proactive tax planning strategies.” At this amazing accounting firm, they offer you a unique way to prepare your taxes – either for an individual or for a business. If you are an individual they offer you Income and Estate Tax Planning Strategies, budgeting, IRS Representation, college savings planning, retirement plan recommendations, as well as tax preparation. If you are a business than Allegiance Strategists offers you amazing services which include: Income Tax Planning Strategies, financial statement analysis and preparation, business plans and projections, cash flow analysis, retirement plan selection, as well as tax preparation. This accounting firm is one that is solely dedicated to providing you the taxpayer, whether you are a business or an individual, an easy and cost-effective way to send off your taxes for a maximum return. Because lets face it, it’s your money, why not keep more of it.

The second accounting firm that I reviewed is Richard H. Stern C.P.A. P.C. accounting. At this amazingly wonderful accounting firm, Richard H. Stern provides his clients the skills necessary to provide you the most acceptable service for all of your accounting needs. He is a Certified Public Accountant who specializes in servicing small businesses and their wonderful owners. Richard H. Stern C.P.A. provides his clients with financial consulting, tax planning, and tax preparation services. When it comes to tax services Richard H. Stern is one of the greatest accountants in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Some of his tax services include: Business Tax Returns, Delinquent Tax Returns, Estate and Trust Tax Returns, Fraud Investigations, IRS Matters and Government Audits, Tax Planning, as well as Tax Return Preparation. At Richard H. Stern C.P.A. P.C. you will find the experience needed to obtain the most out of your tax returns.

And the last accounting firm in which I reviewed is the Brookwood Tax Services, LLC. This amazing accounting firm specializes in the preparation of federal and state income tax returns for individuals, couples, families and small business owners or working professionals. They specialize in the wonderfully exciting world of micro-businesses, which include sole proprietors. Some of the services Brookwood Tax Services offer their clients include business tax returns, delinquent tax returns, divorce assistance, electronic tax filing, estate and trust tax returns, international tax issues, IRS matters and government audits, non resident tax returns, tax planning and tax preparation. This is an amazing accounting firm, which offers fantastic services.

Allegiance Strategists:
1400 Buford Highway, Suite C-1
Sugar Hill, GA 30518
Tel: 678-541-0368
Fax: 770-932-9685

Richard H. Stern C.P.A. P.C.
32 Larue Place NW
Atlanta, GA 30327
Tel: 404-355-5627

Brookwood Tax Services
4 Montclair Drive NE
Atlanta, GA 30309
Tel: 404-915-6268
Fax: 404-892-2559

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