Let’s Make a Deal with the Devil

Welcome to the grand MGM Hotel

Roll out the red carpet

Champaign for everybody

Today we have a very special guest

Welcome to the hottest club on earth

This place is a stick of dynamite

This place is really hot

We got casinos and neon lights

Just place your bets and roll the dice

Winner takes all

I’ll pay top dollar for your soul

I got a contract for sale

Let’s make a deal

No bells

No whistles

Yes indeed

Just devilish business

In profit and greed

Just sign on the dotted line

No background checks

No picture ID

Instant cash availability

The power to do anything that you desire

You can live forever

All I want is your soul

Sounds like a win, win situation to me

What about the small print

Should you hire a lawyer?


We have lawyers down here too

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