Getting a Job in Westchester County, NY

Get Out of The House! Best Public Places to Work in Westchester County
Author: Ellen Rosner Feig
As a freelance writer, I find that ninety percent of my waking hours are spent inside my home office. While I adore my working space, there are many times where I need a change, need to see human faces, hear voices (that aren’t in my head) and interact. Those are the times when I pick up my laptop, get in my car and drive to one of the numerous places where it is acceptable for me to sit for hours. If you live in Westchester County, here are some of the best spots:

1.Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Central Avenue, Yonkers
While all of the local Barnes and Noble bookstores make for great workspaces, the store on Central Avenue in Yonkers (next to the movie theater) has a large Starbucks, a much needed element for any home worker. You can purchase your coffee or tea with a nice desert, take a seat at one of the many tables, plug in your laptop and work without interruption. A wonderful selection of magazines sits nearby for perusal during those moments when distraction is needed. The staff is friendly and informative.
2.Borders Books, Post Road, Scarsdale
Take the elevator down to the lower level of this Borders where a large cafÃ?© awaits you. The cafÃ?© serves all types of drinks and food. A spacious indoor and outdoor area has numerous tables, plugs sporadically placed and wireless access. The staff, although not the friendliest, knows not to bother those of us busily perusing our computer screens. Unlike Barnes & Noble, Borders does not allow you to bring unpaid books or magazines into the cafÃ?© for reading pleasure. The store does have a great selection of DVDs, music CDs and magazines for purchase and their staff selection area of books can’t be beat.
3.Atlantic Bread Company, Main Street, White Plains
This outlet of the national restaurant chain recently opened as part of the new City Center complex in downtown White Plains. Great breads, soups, sandwiches and salads are the staples of this no waitress street front. You place your order at one of three registers, receive a pager and when it blinks you pick up your food at the counter. Tables, regular and booth style are first come first seated. A long countertop looks out at the busy Main Street and is a frequent hangout of local college students. The beauty of ABC is that the staff is extremely friendly, non bothersome and happy to help. During winter time, a large fireplace with two overstuffed chairs in front of it is a welcome area to rest and work. Make a note not to frequent ABC on weekend nights as it becomes a hang out for teenagers waiting to enter the nearby movie theater.

4.Starbucks, Central Avenue, Yonkers
About a half mile from the B&N Yonkers is a new Starbucks that beats out its brothers. The Yonkers Starbucks, right next to DSW Shoe Outlet, is large with numerous tables to make oneself at home. With wireless access and a friendly staff, this Starbucks was built for those of us who need spaces to work. You can sit for hours, sipping your coffee, without anyone bothering you or questioning what you’re doing. After your work is done you can walk the strip of stores and imagine what you’re going to do with all the money from your book sale.
5.Scarsdale Public Library, Scarsdale
I had to include at least one public institution. The Scarsdale Public Library located on
Post Road in Scarsdale is a magnificent building with wonderful working spaces. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful and doesn’t seem to mind having people hang out. The only drawback is the lack of material to distract and inability to purchase caffeine.

Wherever you reside in this beautiful county of ours, you can find an accessible space in which to work, think, and create. Just remember to clean up after yourself; to treat the staff with respect and you will be welcomed back time and time again.

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