Developing Great Banking Relationships

Necessary to any successful business is a great banking relationship. Having a financial expert in the form of a banker on your team will expedite both your financial success and know-how to greater heights. However, what does it take to develop a great banking relationship? What works and what doesn’t?

Before we can answer these questions you must know your own needs, likes and dislikes. In other words, know your own guidelines. Do you like larger sized banks or smaller community-centered ones? What services do you need? What hours/days are convenient for you? And, finally, what is the main purpose of this bank to you?
The first step in developing a great banking relationship, as in any relationship, is communication. Let your banker know what you need and hope to achieve – your goals. Be open to suggestions, and make your information available to them.
There must be an open line of communication, trust, and mutual respect in order for banks to help their customers reach their financial goals.

Key Bank offers its clients a multitude of services ranging from merchant cards, lines of credit, savings and checking accounts, SBA (Small Business Administration) loans and other assorted loans to assist customers with their financial wants.

Businesses can have payroll, equipment leasing, international services, and employee benefits handled through Key Bank as well. Also, depending on the customer’s financial status, various packages are available to consolidate account information in an easy and concise method. Key Bank makes it easy to develop great banking relationships with their customers. Online banking services are also offered for the convenience of the business owner. For further information on Key Bank, contact them at 360-876-7800 x284.

“We are the bank for customers who want the services of a large-sized bank, but in a smaller/community oriented bank,” is the motto of Kitsap Bank.

If a community bank feel is your preference, this is the type of banking relationship you want. The key to creating a great banking relationship here is, once again, open communication and trust. Trust your banker to help you reach your financial goals and have your financial success foremost in their minds.

Another bank that is great at developing banking relationships with their customers is found at Kitsap Bank. They offer various checking and savings accounts, merchant accounts, and loans – amongst other services. Kitsap Bank is also reportedly one of the nation’s largest Small Business Administration (SBA) lenders.

When applying for a loan, Kitsap Bank’s loan package consists of requiring three years of financial information in the form of financial statements. A business plan is a definite plus and will be viewed very favorably. (We are not talking about a business plan on the back of a napkin here.) Have your loan application thoroughly and legibly completed. This all helps in developing a great banking relationship.

Some people would be amazed at the number of applications banks receive with misspellings, typos, or corrections on them. These do not look professional. If you are confused about the definite requirements of Kitsap Bank’s loan package requirements, contact them at (360) 876-7800.

“Good books, a solid business plan, and a customer who wants a deeper relationship than just banking,” are the three most important assets in a great banking relationship according to Bank of America.

“Good books mean financial information that is accurate and up-to-date. The solid business plan must be well presented and thought out. A deeper relationship than just banking comes from having your banker knowing and learning more about your business and the customer knowing their lender,” according to a Bank of America executive.

Bank of America offers lines of credit, SBA loans (They are proud of being the number one SBA loan lender in the state), merchant cards, payroll services, international services, various checking and savings accounts — to name a few. For more information on Bank of America and their services reach them at (360) 697-3733.

A great banking relationship starts and ends with full disclosure on both parties’ side. Customers and/or their business must communicate their goals and needs. Banks must communicate how they can help their customers reach these goals.

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