10 Tips on How Your Company Can Offer Great Customer Service

Great customer service can make generate your company more sales and increase the chance of repeat customers. You want your customers to leave the store feeling that your company has great customer service and have the desire to return to your company in the future for any other purchases.

1. Make sure your company offers to carry out items to the customers’ vehicle after the purchase is made. This will stand out since it is quite rare to find companies that do this anymore. They will remember this when you offer to carry out any items for them. Senior citizens especially appreciate this offer.

2. Make returns as easy as possible. When a customer can return an item for store credit or cash back smoothly then it stands out in the customers’ mind. You want them to feel like that it isn’t a hassle to get items returned at your company.

3. Be kind and friendly to all customers. You need to greet them when they show up to the company and offer to help them find anything. Make sure to tell them to have a wonderful day after each purchase. You want the customers to have a good impression of the company.

4. Offer drive up service to customers so they can just drive up to get their items loaded into their car at your company. This is a great way for staff to make extra tips and also improve sales since customers know that they have the option of a drive up service.

5. Make sure customers can call your company without having to go through an automated system. Make sure that your staff will answer their phone call immediately and able to help them.

6. Your staff can remember repeat customers names to make them feel important. They will be amazed when greeted by their name from staff at the company. This also shows to the customers that you care about them enough to remember their name.

7. Your staff can also have items already prepared and ready for customers that usually orders the same thing. This shows to them that you pay attention to what they order and that you remember it. Customers are usually impressed by it.

8. Your company can also give out special discounts to regular customers. This will make them feel more special and will want to purchase from your company again in the future. They will remember the discount that they receive just for shopping there so many times.

9. Call the customers to remind them when their order is prepared with all the items that they purchased. They will appreciate it when you call them to remind them that the items are available for them to pick up. This is another way to show your customers that you care.

10. Suggest a cheaper price of a product or service for them to save money. They will love the fact that the staff is being honest with them. It shows to them that you are helping them save money and that you care about them enough to suggest a cheaper price for certain items.

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