10 Tips on How to Track an Ad

Most companies do advertise on a regular basis. You may be wondering how to tell which ads are working enough to attract more customers to your company. Here are ten tips on how to track an ad.

1. Put a reference code number on each ad. You will be able to see which ads are working the best since you will be able to tell by the reference code number. Make sure to keep track of the reference code number so you know which number belongs to which ad.

2. Make sure that each ad is somewhat unique from each other. You don’t want a variety of different ads that say the same thing. You want to them all different ones so people don’t get bored hearing the same advertisement message from your company.

3. Tell the customers to bring in a copy of the ad in the newspaper or to mention the ad that they heard about on the radio in order to get the discount. This is another method to see which ads are working the best. Keep track of how many of the ads the customers mentions to your staff. This is the important to keep track of long term.

4. Upon finding out which ad works best by keeping track of them then make sure to keep running the most popular ad. The most popular ad will make you more of a profit since it is attracting the most customers.

5. Another method to track ads is to ask the customers where they heard about the ad. It is a good idea to keep track of it since you will be able to tell which ad the customers most remember. Radio and newspaper are a great method to do advertising.

6. Are the ads memorable? The ads need to memorable in order to get more new customers. You want to have a sentence that grabs the attention of people. Make sure that the ad has some sort of catchy slogan line or saying when advertising on radio and newspaper.

7. Make sure that the ads are interesting since you will be able to keep track of them better. You want to do a full color ad in the newspaper. You can attract more customers by doing a full color ad in the newspaper. Customers will remember a full color ad in the newspaper and will be able to remember where they saw the ad at.

8. Offer a FREE item or gift certificate in your ads since it will catch peoples attention even more. People will remember the word FREE in an ad and will remember where they seen the ad at. Make sure to have the word FREE in the ad since it will help generate more sales and get your company even more new customers.

9. Your company can have a survey card asking people how they heard about a special sale or discount. You will be able to see which ads are the most easy to remember and which ads has done its job to get you new customers.

10. One thing to remember about ads is that not everyone is going to hear the ad, but that they will be recommended by a friend. Your company can start a referral program included in a ad so that people will get a reward every time that they recommend a friend to the company since they are impressed with your company.

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