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In the past few years advertising agencies have suffered losses and endured massive job cuts. In 2009, according to the AAA report, revenues for advertising agencies saw a decline of about 7.5 per cent, which was the biggest decline in this industry’s history. However, there are still many advertising agencies which are earning millions on a yearly basis worldwide. These top agencies are always working on ways to improve their brands and spread their operations. With the help of award-winning creative material and recognized clients, top advertising agencies formulate their revenues. This top 10 list is according to the survey conducted by Avidan Strategies, a marketing and search firm.


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    Grey Advertising

    According to the survey, Grey Advertising is on the top of the list. Tor Myhren is the creative director of this company and some of their famous works include E-Trade Baby and Charlie Sheen commercial for DirecTV.

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    Wieden and Kennedy is one of the top advertising agencies for almost 30 years. Some of their most famous ads were for Nike, Coke and P&G Old Spice, are were widely appreciated.

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    Butler, Shine, Stern

    This is a San Francisco-based advertising agency which works for Nokia, MINI and Columbia outwear.

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    This is the first agency to receive many accolades at the two biggest award shows - Cannes Lions and the Effie’s. It is currently operating under CEO Miles Young.

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    This agency has been in the business since 122 years and is consistently showing great creativity and results. Some of their clients include AT&T, Mars, General Electric and Federal Express.

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    The company’s popularity has slightly fallen but it is still producing great results. Some of their clients include Kraft’s Mac & Cheese, Domino’s and Old Navy from offices in Miami, LA and Boulder.

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    Deutsch is one of the top advertising agencies. It has offices in Los Angeles and New York and is delivering great work for VW. One of their most popular creation was the Super Bowl’s charming ‘The Force’ ad. In addition to this, Sony PlayStation, Unilever and Microsoft are also in their clients list.

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    America’s most cute and loveable critters, the Geico Gecko, and ‘My name is Peggy’ are some of the major works of this agency. Furthermore, Walmart, Pizza Hut and Kraft Foods are also part of their clientele.

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    This agency has a good reputation and has worked with Coke Zero, Mondolez, Puma and Unilever.

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    With their strategic planning and adoption of social media, Mullen was able to attract some big clients including JetBlue, Google and Zappos.

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