How to Sell a Volkswagen

Selling a Volkswagen, especially a used one, may not be the most difficult of tasks but you need to carefully assess all concerned areas from pricing to marketing and agreeing, before deciding to cash on your prized asset.


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    When trying to sell a car, you need to be aware of its market value. If your model is a popular one, it will take lesser time to sell. Search the market for the best available price but preferably try to sell it privately rather than going to a dealer as the latter may charge a particular fee for his services.

    As for your Volkswagen, you may get varying prices, depending on the condition and the market demand. If you have an older model, then get it valued from a reputable car rating agency, such as Kelley Blue Book, before setting a realistic price on it.

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    Go to your local mechanic before inviting any buyer. Have the car washed, polished and upgraded, if necessary. That will aid you in determining the right price. Apart from the condition of the car, there are many other factors, which you need to consider from a buyer’s perspective. Estimate of gas mileage (economic point of view), owner’s habits (in possession of a youngster or an experienced driver) and any other special feature installed in the car other than market parts.

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    Having done the pricing, you now need to advertise your car. The easiest or cost-free way is to place a ‘For Sale’ sign in the back window, with your contact number. That is a meaningful exercise as for a used Volkswagen, which has a symbolic appealing; potential buyers will immediately contact you. Also when you park it in a busy shopping area; chances are that someone will get attracted.

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    In other instances, you will need to market your car. Post an ad in the local newspaper or on the internet where there are specific auto-sale sites that will cater to you need. Keep an eye on the respective fees you will be charged.

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    Also in selling a used vehicle, one needs to do some homework in terms of preparing answers for the questions any buyer would have in his mind. If a buyer contacts you or comes to your door-step, make sure that you have the price knowledge of other comparable vehicles. Be honest with the buyer and facilitate him properly by allowing him to take a test drive and point out any issues you are aware of.

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    Before agreeing on the price, make sure that you are familiar with motor vehicle laws. Preferably, accept cash as a mode of payment and don’t indulge yourself in any periodic payment-deals (that is only if you don’t trust the person).

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