How To Scrutinize Your Selling Style

Developing a robust and sound selling psychology is all about developing an insight about the basic personal and market requirements, and challenging yourself to get out of the comfort zone. There are many facets which have to be addressed starting from the basic understanding of your own mindset to scrutinizing your selling style.

One of the most important aspects of psychology of selling involves the scrutiny of how you approach a customer and the sales process which follows. This step predominantly depends on your identity and your ability to be flexible in the face of changing situations.


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    You can either approach a customer on phone, emails etc. or directly. In the former case, you should develop sound oral and written skills respectively, which should be effective enough to catch the attention of the customer. If you have good social skills, but find it difficult to get appointments on phone, stick to the direct interaction mode, while gradually working on your weakness.

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    In case of direct correspondence, the thing to remember is that first impression is the last impression. You should always be neat and well groomed when you turn up for a meeting and there should be an air of calmness and confidence around you. It is also important to maintain a good body language, so that the customer does not find it difficult to repose trust in you and the product you want to sell.

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    Your selling style should not be monotonous and should change according the moods and requirements of the customers, for, associating yourself with the personality of individual customers’ increases their confidence and thus the probability of selling your product.

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    There is a good chance that your style of marketing the product will depend on your nature. In part, this is actually good as you should always maintain your individuality. The problem however arises when your personality traits starts to dominate your sales pitch and you start to cater for your likes or dislikes in a product more than you should for your customer’s interest.

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    Your presentations skills should be immaculate – something which comes with practice. You should be mentally prepared to stretch yourself and if the need may be, use visual aids as well. Remember, if you see a customer least interested or dozing off while you are presenting the product, it’s not his or her fault; it is you who is responsible.

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