Functions of Management Stylings of MacVonk USA’s NetOctopus

Functions of Management Stylings of NetOctopus by MacVonk USA


The article being reviewed (though a bit dated), unbiasedly describes in a very concise manner the various features of a (new) software package offering pros and cons to the would-be consumer. It lays out performance specs, a quick how-to for setting up the utility, and the author’s perspective on the ease of use and value of the product as it’s packaged. The program itself, when in place, draws many intangible parallels to the general functions of management via computer networks, with the most emphasis on the organizing and controlling aspects. I will attempt to illustrate how when the general functions of management are carried out in a typical office atmosphere, it is, for the sake of argument, NetOctopus personified. Note: Updates for the application being reviewed by Infoworld have reached versions 4.0 and better. To give a bit of perspective as to how much technology has advanced in a little more than a decade for any techies, system requirements during beta tests where minimum 2 MB of RAM.


Functions of Management Stylings of NetOctopus by MacVonk USA

The article, NetOctopus Streamlines Mac Network Management, captures the essence of an upgraded version of its predecessor, that when in place, aids network managers in facilitating their tasks quicker, and more efficiently. The behemoth is the 1.1 version of a program that reaches across a network and can optionally be called upon by the master administrator to do any number of things such as managing a system’s resources (primary), uploading software, making systems more compatible, and making employees’ desktops more accessible. Using this program leaves the master administrator as the supreme entity calling all the shots, with virtually no cons.

Insofar as it’s relevance pertaining to the four functions of management, NetOctopus will stand to be if not a great analogy, a direct parallel to how planning, organization, leading, and controlling pans out in a physical office environment among colleagues.

Firstly, NetOctopus is in no uncertain terms is designed, implemented and fully utilized as the network management tool, as indispensable to the company’s network as air is to breath. In a planning capacity, it initiates an install and unfurls its tentacles when the administrative system is then rebooted. Subsequent to that, “You can set-up assistant administrators and their privileges at anytime”, says Green (Green 1992, p. 91). This may reflect in the same terms how a departmental head begins to delegate duties to their subordinates and organizational efforts take root. Users are instantly at the end of the server’s new appendages. Pragmatically, technically, laying the framework for a private network hall monitor that rivals that of “Big Brother”.

“Although some users may initially feel that “Big Brother” has taken over the Network, any system manager who can build trust [using the system] will soon [still] find network users happier and more productive.” (Green, 1992, p. 89)
When it comes to the organizational function of management, while Mac Vonk USA’s NetOctopus version 1.1 is at the helm, the setting is cruise control. New features listed,
âÂ?¦”offer many enhancements over version 1.0. NetOctopus’ Info Reporter system extension which resides on each user’s workstation, now provides 10 42-character fields in which you can store any type of information.” (Green, 1992, p.89)
In addition to the newer and greater storage capabilities, the administrators of the system on the one hand can secure itself from other user access, yet general use network participants have the option of privacy on as many as 20 folders, if and the privilege were to be granted (Green, 1992, p.89).

As NetOtopus takes the helm, its clear in its multi-functionality how a company’s network is redefined through the parameters set and the latitude permitted by the administrative element. In no uncertain terms, mimicking the leading and controlling components of management. The strategies of management in practice and with the application of this computer program relieve the human element of the headaches of constant monitor and departmental audit. Once integrated, NetOctopus is the reporting NetOctopus agent offering a guarantee of consistency through the control levels set by the master administrator.
Reflecting on how these same concepts transpose in the special events industry, the only differences are in the consistency and ability of the program to be as omniscient as it is, where in it’s absence there are many gaps that must be bridged, and fire drills conducted on a regular basis. I will say that this very program would have worked wonders if it had been integrated in the system at one particular catering company that I was with that was referenced in a thread in the main newsgroup this last week. I alluded to the fact that when changes were made, there was always someone in one of the departments that “didn’t get the memo”. Quality control was consistently our nemesis. If corrections were made and a program like NetOctopus had been in place at the time, all desktops of all event planners and departments, (kitchen and warehouse included) would have been on the same page. It would have been as simple as having a folder that resided on everyone’s desktop where changes could be posted as needed The catering group would have been a more cohesive and efficient unit that was more respected among its clients and employees. If I had it to do all over again, and it was my decision at the time, I would have made the recommendation that the company make a similar investment to that of the network management tool generated by MacVonk USA.

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