Top 10 Companies to Work For

It is important to work to earn a living. Most people are willing to work even in adverse conditions as long as it helps them put food on the table and pay their bills. However, not all organisations are bad to work for, in fact,  some are considered as ideal. A job in these companies not only helps one earn but do so with some good perks and a great environment.


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    With over 28000 employees, the internet giant which is located in California, provides its employees with good pays and a lot of perks to go with a great environment. With policies leaning highly in favour of employees, Google is the best company to work for. The company earns over $29 billion in revenues each year for a reason.

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    Boston Consulting Group

    With around 7500 employees, the consulting group based in Massachusetts spends big money on hiring its consultants and provides them with high pays. The work environment makes it all the better. The company had a $3 billion plus revenue last year.

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    SAS Institute

    With nearly 12000 employees, the institute provides its employees with umpteenth perks such as a free healthcare centre and unlimited sick time. With revenues crossing $2.4 billion per year, it is not a bad place to work at.

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    Wegmans Food Markets

    The grocery store has nearly 42000 employees. It pays well and takes great care of the health of employees as well, with over two thousand employees benefitting from the smoking cessation program at present. The company with its base in New York had $5.68 billion revenue last year.

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    Edward Jones

    The company has a total of about 40000 employees and believes in not letting go of people. The Missouri company has an annual revenue of $4.18 billion.

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    The California data storage firm pays a lot of bonuses to its employees along with other perks. The company got a boost to its revenue by over a billion dollars in one year; their last annual revenue was at $5.1 billion.

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    Camden Property Trust

    The Texas based company has nearly 1700 employees with a large property management network. Bonuses and perks are good. The company had $610 million in revenue last year.

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    Recreational Equipment (REI)

    The Washington store gives huge discounts to its employees and leaves are paid. There are other perks with decent pays to go with it. It has over ten thousand people employed and had $1.66 billion dollars in revenue last year.

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    CHG Healthcare Services

    The Utah organisation acts on many employee suggestions to keep them happy. It has over 1300 employees and pays reasonably well. The annual revenues are over $500 million.

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    Quicken Loans

    Based in Michigan, the company has over 3800 employees. The many perks on offer make working at Quicken Loans great. It has an annual revenue of around $1.3 billion.

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