How to Register a Record Label Name

Registering the business name is a vital step as soon as you create a record label. The registration will safeguard your label’s name so that no other company will start the business with your exact name and put your existing customers into a dilemma. Registering a record label name will make it simpler for you to plan other business start up setups you will require in the not too distant future like business merger and creating your web domain. This is important in music industry if you do it legally and you can make sure the label is successful with the help of some major companies.


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    Decide over the official label name

    First off all choose a record label name. Make sure the name is not copyrighted and that no one has used it before. There are no hard and fast rules in deciding a label name. However, you should select a name that you want for the label and also blends in with the logo and label merchandise. It should work well within the type of your record label and promote it further. Do not go for cheeky name and try to choose a classy and sophisticated name.

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    Availability of your record label name

    Check official records to see if the label name is vacant. Make sure that the label is not taken in order to avoid legal and other complications in the future. The state’s secretary of state site will provide details on checking the business portal in the state in the United States of America. If someone else has registered your desired label name, then you are back to square one. As a result of this, you will have to decide the label name and the process all over again.

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    Fill out the application

    In order to register the record label name complete out the application. It is more commonly known as “doing business as” or a “trade name” application. The secretary of state is hold accountable to monitor these applications. On the other hand, the process varies in every other state. Some states require you to fill in the application over the internet on their website and other states want you to submit your application by mail. After filling the papers, be patient and wait for your application to get processed. When it is registered, you will get an official document stating that you can legally use this business name as your label.

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