Small Business Grants

Thinking of starting a business? This can be a monumental task for someone who has never done it before but don’t fear there are places you can go for help. Where you might want to begin, however, is with a small business grant.
There are many types of small business grants available through the federal government and the Small Business Administration. The reason the Small Business Administration was begun was to aid in the start of such companies.

The first place to begin when seeking out a small business grant is your local branch of the SBA (Small Business Administration). The SBA has a program called SCORE which is designed to help new businesses. SCORE is made up of retired business people who can guide new business owners through the process. This is a non-profit program and is open to every one. SCORE counselors can guide the new business owner to the right places for grants and then walk them through the process of filling out the applications and submitting them. Remember that there are tons of grant types out there and you need to find the right one for your business. In some places, for instance, there are grants geared towards women, or minorities or rural areas, start by finding the right grant for you.

Once you have the grant you want to apply for narrowed down it is time to do all of the paperwork and be prepared there is a lot of paperwork involved. What grant processors want to see is that your small business will make the money it needs to in order to survive. Part of the small business grant process is creating a business plan, again the folks at SCORE and your local SBA can help here. There are many places to look for the best grant for you but to begin with give these websites a try; and Beginning your own business can be an exciting time, make sure that you do so armed with the tools you need to be successful.

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