How to Optimized Seach Engine Articles

. 2. Include product specific key words in the headline – Absolutely include the product specific key words that describe what your product, service, or web site is about.
Example, if you have a training DVD showing how to use the Nikon D70 camera, your headline should be something like:
THE NIKON D70 MADE EASY, 2 Training DVD’s Video
That headline includes the most important keywords for this product: Nikon D70, Training DVDs, Easy.

3. Place the product specific keywords first in the headline – Place the most important product specific keywords at the front of the headline. This gives higher search engine ranking, and pulls the reader into the rest of the headline.

Example: The NIKON D70 MADE EASY, 2 Training DVD’s Video
The keywords ‘NIKON D70’ will grab owners of the D70 and pull them into the rest of the headline.

4. Use short hand English – Short hand English is a way of writing that gets the message across, but doesn’t exactly conform to the rules of english composition. With shorthand English you can pack a big message in minimal number of words. Shorthand usually involves eliminating all unnecessary words, and replacing them with words that send a message.
Most newspaper and magazine headlines use shorthand in their headlines – because they work at gaining maximum attention in minimal space.

Leave out common and fluff words – Fluff words like ‘powerful’ and ‘best’ and ‘greatest’, as well as most common words (a, an, the, of, for,) are ignored by the search engines. Including these ignored words takes up valuable headline real estate, and rarely adds anything to the appeal of your headline.
Even worse, some overly used fluff words, those associated with heavy sales hype, can actually cause your search engine listing to be reduced.
So leave out the fluff

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