10 Common Reasons why Students Fight in School

One of the things that a person misses the most upon becoming an adult is his school days. While the primary role of a school in a person’s life is to give him education, it also introduces us to other kids, some of whom become our friends, while some become our enemies.

In recent times, the environment and atmosphere at schools has changed, with students regularly getting into fights for one reason or another. The issues triggering fights may come off as petty to adults, but they are significant enough for the students to make them vent their anger at each other.


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    Jealousy plays a huge role in starting fights at all levels, whether one is talking about a school, office or even family. Students often end up turning bitter towards classmates who perform better at a class or sport and therefore looking for an opportunity to engage in a fight with them.

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    Problems at home

    The environment at home affects the state of mind of a child a lot. If he hears or sees his parents fighting regularly at home, he may vent his frustration and anger in school, thus getting in unnecessary fights with fellow students.

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    Reserved nature

    Some students prefer to keep to themselves and are a bit shy. Others, however, fail to understand this reserved nature of these students and end up thinking that they are being unfriendly and rude, which consequently leads to friction and thus regular fights between people of opposite nature.

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    To seek attention

    There are some students who resort to bullying and harassing other children to seek attention. They are desperate to assert themselves as influential and respected, which is why they incite fear in others. They also feel that asserting their dominance would make them more popular with the opposite gender.

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    Becoming teacher’s favourite

    Students commonly compete against each other to become the teacher’s favourite. During this competition, they often try to put each other down in front of the teacher, which can lead to a verbal and eventually physical fight.

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    Bad company

    If a student surrounds himself with people who are aggressive and rude, then he is likely to become like them as well and pick on others without any kind of provocation, which can lead to a fight.

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    Fighting among friends

    It is not uncommon to see friends fighting with each other. These fights, however, are normally petty and get resolved in a few hours or couple of days.

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    Fight over opposite sex

    Fighting for a member of the opposite sex that two people like is becoming an increasingly common reason for fights in school.

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    While playing

    While playing, two teams often end up fighting over a foul or an aggressive play. Some fights are also started over the issue of who gets to play at the ground. One group of students may be looking to use the ground to play football, while the other group may want to use the ground to play cricket.

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    Children have become pretty aggressive these days and get provoked easily. Students have begun to demand respect, attention and authority from fellow students, which can often result in clash of ego and interests.

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