How to Write a Graduation Speech

A graduation speech is an essential part of your graduation ceremony, marking one of the most important events in your life. It provides you the opportunity to express your feelings towards your friends, classmates, teachers, instructors and mentors at the time of farewell. A graduation ceremony is one of the happiest and the most emotional moments for an individual who is completing his or her bachelor’s degree.

If you have the opportunity to deliver a graduation speech, you must work hard to write and rehearse it. Fortunately, It is not very difficult to write a good graduation speech, and all you need is to give words to your thoughts on reaching the milestone.


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    Keep it simple and concise

    You must know that a good graduation speech is always simple and concise. It is pointless to write long phrases or use difficult vocabulary in your speech. Keep in mind that the expression of thought does not become influential by using heavy words or phrases, it only creates an impact if it is well written and is easily understood by the audience.

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    Include famous farewell quotations

    There are many writers and other important personalities (e.g. Abraham Lincoln) who have written some beautiful farewell quotes which you can include in your speech to increase its effectiveness. However, it is very important for you to place the quotation prudently in your speech. For instance, if you are taking a quote from Abraham Lincoln’s speech to the Gettysburg National Cemetery, it will be better to place it at the end of your speech.

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    Compliment teachers and students

    In order to express your gratitude, you should compliment the deserving teachers and students throughout the speech. For example, when you talk about your English class, you can express kind words to compliment your English teacher. Moreover, when you talk about sports or athletics, you can admire the best athlete in your school. In this way, you will be able to keep everyone’s interest alive in your speech.  

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    Share memories

    Sharing memories is the best and the most liked part of a graduation speech. Write about all the important recollections and happenings during your session. However, make sure you don’t embarrass any person by your speech by sharing his or her secrets. You can express such things in a friendly way after seeking permission from the person.

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    End on a high note

    At the end of your speech, you should give a message of hope for the future and success for everyone graduating with you. It is important to be thankful to everyone for listening to your speech.

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