How to Make a Back to School Shopping List

Back to school shopping lists can be really troublesome if you haven’t planned anything well ahead of your new classes schedule. Most of the students do not think about making a shopping list until the very last week and end up missing out on a lot of necessary stuff and things that should be included. In order to keep on the safe side, you should start preparing the list about a month ago, gradually buy things and add necessary items to the list from time to time until you finalize your shopping.


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    Start from your closet. Rummage through the cupboards and see what is needed and what needs to be dumped. Your closet will play the most important role in helping you start your back to school shopping list, because if you plan on how much you will be spending on clothing throughout the semester, it will save you a lot of inconvenience. Sort through the clothes and make categories according to the ones you need to use, dump or want to donate. If you want to wear special clothes to the school, do not include regular buying in the school shopping list as it might put you off budget. 

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    Get a paper and open MS Word on your computer. You will need to put everything on paper as you cannot remember the long list without having an actual list created on paper and on computer. You can create the list as you like, but do not forget to make the categories such as books, clothes, pens and pencils, miscellaneous, etc. Whatever you mention in the list, mention it on MS Word as well because you might lose the paper at one time or another and should have a backup.

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    Add make-up to the shopping list if you are a girl. First off, add moisturizer to the list. You can also get foundation if you don’t want to spend money on moisturizer. Other things that you may consider adding to the list include lip gloss, blush, eyes shadow, mascara, crayon or eye brow pencil, eyeliner, concealer, bronzer and powder.

    You might want to add some skin care products. Other products that may include in your personal hygiene list are cleansing pads, spot treatment lotions and creams, moisturizers, facial scrub to give your face a fresh look, and gel cleanser.

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    Have the list reviewed by someone in your family and make a check list to make sure you don’t miss anything necessary.

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