Science Projects for Primary School Students

As the time for exams draws nearer, there are projects to be completed along with studying for the course. Although students are expected to come up with a project that is based on the scientific principles they have studied in their course, but some students still find coming up with projects a hard nut to crack.

This is because there are many things that need to be kept in mind while coming up with a project idea. Time constraints, investment of energy and finances as well as ease of procedures involved. This is where the steps below come in. It’s a list of some really very interesting ┬áscience projects for primary school students. All these projects are not only time-saving, but also easy on the pocket.


  • 1

    Influencing Coin Toss

    This is a simple experiment that involves some participants and describes if a coin toss can be influenced by someone who is attempting it.

  • 2

    Measure Sky Distance Using Hands

    With this project you can tell and amaze others about measuring sky distance with your hands. This article describes the basic ways of doing so.

  • 3

    Comparison of Light Bulbs

    Which bulb is better to have in your house? This is what described in this article. You can conduct this experiment by simply comparing light bulbs in terms of heat they produce.

  • 4

    Make Music with Water Glasses

    If you want to know about playing music with water glasses then this idea can be full of fun as a science project. You just need to have few water filled glasses at different levels.

  • 5

    Separating Mixtures

    This experiment describes a simple method of separating mixtures. You simply need a couple of beakers and filter paper for this experiment.

  • 6

    Making Static Electricity Bell

    This is another simple experiment that basically shows how static electricity can be used to move an object. It can be easily performed with the help of few tin cans and a balloon.

  • 7

    Size of Parachute and Falling Object

    How the size of parachute can affect the falling object is what described in this article. You just need a few handkerchiefs and strings while performing the experiment.

  • 8

    Solar Hot Dog Cooker

    The hot dog lovers can now enjoy cooking it with the help of a special Solar Cooker. This article describes making of this solar cooker in a very easy way.

  • 9

    Producing Static Electricity

    If you familiar with attracting tiny paper particles with the a plastic comb then you are actually producing static electricity. The experiment simply describes production of static electric charges.

  • 10

    Model of Fahrenheit Thermometer

    If you think performing an experiment is not your cup of tea then try making model of a Fahrenheit Thermometer. This only takes few minutes of your time making this model.

  • 11

    Determining Time of a Falling Object

    In how much minimum possible time you can hold on to a falling object is what described in this article. You only need a meter rule and a partner to assist you.

  • 12

    Squeeze Water from Carrot

    Since living things are largely composed of water, so this principle can be used for extracting water from a vegetable such as carrot in a given time frame.

  • 13

    Effects of Acid Rain

    The article describes the effects of acid rain. It simply involves some other chemicals for demonstration such as vinegar and common board chalk.

  • 14

    Comparing Objects for Writing

    Which object is best when it comes to writing? This experiment involves a number of objects that are chosen for writing to find out the best one among them.

  • 15

    Water and Concrete Strength

    For those who have some interest in construction, this experiment describes the effect of having more or less water in concrete than required.

  • 16

    Measuring Magnification

    This experiment of measuring magnification investigates the relationship between the actual and focal size of an object when the magnifying glass moves closer or away from the object.

  • 17

    Sugar and Brain Chemistry

    How sugar can have an effect on the human brain is described in this article. You may need a few participants to perform this experiment.

  • 18

    Similarity Between Screw and Inclined Plane

    The article describes the similarity between a screw and an inclined plane. It can be simply performed with the help of a paper, pen, pencil and a scotch tape.

  • 19

    How Plants Drink Water

    Unlike the other experiments this one is quite time consuming. It simply shows the process of how do plants take in water.

  • 20

    Color and Emotion Perception

    How colors can affect the emotions of an individual is what is described in this article. You simply need a few shirts and participants for this experiment along with a digital camera.

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